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Their Prepared Meals are portioned appropriately, and customers say that their breakfasts, lunches, and dinners taste much better than you'd expect from "diet food". Tue, 04 Sep Alex September 1, Reply. Investing is easy but investing in the right financial instruments might be confusing at times. Another important ingredient is caltrop.

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However, I could eat the Beef and vegetable soup with red wine for every meal. Why not just get frozen meals from the grocery store? Because the portions are weighed toward the protein side. There is a lot of protein in each entree, a small amount of carbohydrate, and a generous portion of vegetables. I hate cooked vegetables but they do something to the broccoli that make it very tasty.

You get two snacks in addition to the meals each day. So the other real plus is you get one on one consultations with a dietitian and trainer.

If you are at a plateau or as in my case, I could not eat a whole meal to start with, the dietitian will give you advice based onto type of diet you have, your meal choices, and snacks. Exercise is added on week four and a trainer will help you choose things appropriate to your level of activity and strength. The important thing here is if it just about the food, you are not utilizing all the resources to make your weight loss successful. Having professionals to consult makes a big difference if you have been frustrated on other diets.

Moreover, meals are frozen on arrival and thus far, tasteless. Seems more hype than substance The food is absolutely disgusting. Do not order this product under any circumstances. The abundance of positive reviews are fake and should not be believed.

It is very unhealthy and tastes terrible. I honestly couldn't give any of it away and ended up throwing it all out in the garbage. I tried to get my money back within the legal amount of time that they should be required to refund me and they refused. They told me that it was my fault for not reading the fine print and looking at the ingredients first. You are better off buying any frozen meal product over this, which it would be cheaper and taste better.

This is a scam. I was expecting so much from this company and had very high hopes. The food is bland and tastes as though no effort was made to add herbs, spices or any interesting textures at all, added salt and pepper and any attempt on my part to add herbs and spices makes the food taste worse. If these recipes were in fact developed by an actual licensed dietitian, that person may want to obtain a more in-depth education with a focus on cooking food that is healthy, flavorful and enjoyable to eat.

Most of the snacks are inedible. After attempting to eat the meals I have discovered that virtually all of the meat this company uses is tough, flavorless and of extremely poor quality. My dog, who will eat nearly everything he is given, ignores all of it.

The "turkey sausage" included in a number of the breakfast meals is especially heinous. The vegetables are not of good quality and are cooked to the point of being flavorless and become mush in the microwave. If I had purchased any of this "food" in a grocery store I would have demanded an immediate refund! I have made four attempts to reach this company by email to cancel my account and the email address the company had provided for customer service is not correct.

I will be calling to cancel my account and requesting a refund. After some research, I found it would be about half of the cost to put together the same program using frozen low-fat, low-carb frozen meals available from any grocery store. Great customer service online, nice choices, reasonably priced, well packaged, great containers, easy cooking instructions, healthy recipes, quality food BUT out of 21 dinners ordered, I think one or two were kind of tasty.

For the most part, these are the most bland meals I've ever encountered. If I was wearing a blindfold and sampling several of these dishes, they would all taste the same to me. I so wanted to like these, but I have to be honest. They are the pits. Lean Cuisines are delicious compared to BistroMD and much cheaper. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I have use this type of service in the past and had a very good experience. I figured now that I am working 2 jobs and am trying to eat healthier I would give this a try Major issues encountered, did not make delivery promise time, contacted me about delay.

Did not communicate that I would not be receiving my customized menu and there was no option or way to adjust it for the week I was receiving. Was not able to set delivery date. And received a bunch of food I did not want and will not eat. What I have eaten so far was ok, but it seems like I can better quality from grocery store frozen dinners.

Contacted customer service about my issues. Never responded just canceled my subscription. Good luck on your business!! Also, the quality of food is quite poor in my opinion. Out of the 21 meals there was honestly only 1 meal that I could force down. I'm a bodybuilder with a tough schedule so I was looking to make my diet easier and have it prepped. When I first signed up, it looked like I would have a long list of choices each week. Since I don't eat domesticated animals, I checked this carefully and the website suggested there would be about 30 different choices mostly fish, but also some vegetarian.

I was very happy with the food I got the first week. I received 10 different entrees for lunch and dinner. Some of the snacks have artificial sweeteners, but there were enough choices that I thought I could avoid those in the future.

Then after the first week of food arrives, only 4 entree choices and a smaller number of snacks were suddenly available. I was given many different reasons for this from a website glitch to a west coast based shortage due to overwhelming demand. Then finally someone admitted that not all choices are available every week and there actually are only 4 entree choices in the categories I selected. The same limited 4 entrees were available for the following week.

Then because I had limited my choices, they only built a menu around 4 entrees 2 days and left the rest of the week unfilled. The second week I was billed for the full week even though they were not sending 10 entrees. After many hours researching, selecting this program and being hopeful it would actually work for me I discovered it is not what it appears to be at all. As a self-pay customer, you can choose from 9 menus designed with different dietary needs in mind. Your deliveries can contain 7, 10, 14 or 21 meals.

If you are ordering for the first time, you can opt for the 3-meal trial. Once you choose your meals, you can decide whether you want the meals delivered once or twice per week. You can also choose whether you want to place a one-time order or opt for auto-ship and have the meals sent to you each week automatically. If you opt for auto-ship, you can get the same meals every week or change your meals at any time.

You just need to make sure you cancel before 1 pm the Friday before your next delivery is due. It is perfect for seniors, as well as individuals who want to recover from an illness or manage a chronic condition in the comfort of their own home. Its meals are made of high-quality ingredients, prepared by chefs in USDA-inspected facilities, and designed with the help of experienced dietitians and in complete accordance with the dietary recommendations for various conditions.

The service is incredibly flexible and allows you to order any way that suits you. You can order for yourself or your loved ones, regardless of whether they live in the same state as you. You can receive orders once or twice a week or order every once in a while. You can decide how much food you need, choose from. For customers whose mother tongue is not English, it provides information in other languages, as well as interpreters, all free of charge. For easier ordering, the meals on each menu are categorized in accordance with the type of meal and main protein source.

You can browse breakfasts and view lunches and dinners featuring beef, beef with turkey, fish, pork, poultry or you can opt for vegetarian lunches and dinners.

All meals on the menu are nutritionally balanced and dietitian-designed. Sun Basket brings many different types of cuisine to your table, minus the stress of planning meals or shopping for ingredients. Choose from over a dozen entrees every week, including Paleo, Vegan, and Mediterranean options with easy-to-follow recipes and fresh ingredients.

All of Sun Basket's Prepared Meals are ready in 30 minutes or less, and you'll spend about what it would cost to have a meal at a decent restaurant. HelloFresh has made a number of positive changes in the last few years, including more customizable Prepared Meals options rather than sending a specific set of entrees to each customer.

HelloFresh serving sizes are generous, and most customers are satisfied with the ingredients and recipes they receive. Blue Apron does the meal planning while you take care of the cooking. Every delivery brings you seasonal, high-quality ingredients - often sourced through the company's direct relationships with farmers - to prepare in your own kitchen. While you won't get the convenience of a heat-and-serve TV dinner, you will get delicious meals - prepared by you without having to choose recipes in advance or spend time at the grocery store.

For customers who are trying to shed a few pounds, Diet-to-Go is a good option. Their Prepared Meals are portioned appropriately, and customers say that their breakfasts, lunches, and dinners taste much better than you'd expect from "diet food". You'll also get access to health professionals and coaches no matter which meal plan you choose.

Although it's not for people who want rich sauces and high-sugar treats, Diet-to-Go meets the needs of people who want to lose weight without sacrificing food that tastes good. Gourmet Station gives you the chance to eat like a king or queen while still enjoying the convenience of minute reheating. Their five-star menu options include international cuisines, and customers love the taste.

However, their prices are higher than average, and their Prepared Meals aren't a good match for anyone that doesn't have access to an oven. However, if what you're really looking for are healthy ingredients to prepare at home, or quick reheat-and-eat meals after a typical day at work, you probably won't find it here.

Magic Kitchen focuses mostly on older people who have specific dietary requirements. All of their Prepared Meals can be reheated quickly in the microwave and served in the container it comes in, making it a good choice for people with limited options.

Plans include a la carte selections and full meal programs. However, if you want a restaurant-quality meal or if you enjoy preparing a meal with fresh ingredients, Magic Kitchen isn't for you. Personal Chef to Go has been delivering Prepared Meals for more than 15 years. Although they have lots of happy, long-term customers, their meal options are more limited and higher-priced than almost every other service we reviewed.

They're not likely to rank high for your budget or your taste buds. This Prepared Meals service derives its recipes from the Queen of the Kitchen, delivering packages of ingredients that can be prepared in your own kitchen in six steps or less. While it might sound fun to put a celebrity's own meals on your dinner table, customers say that the actual results are less than impressive.

Plus, without a clear promise of customer satisfaction, you too could wind up with boxes of thawed meats, watery ice packs, and drooping veggies. We recommend that you choose a provider of Prepared Meals with a stronger reputation.

Plated is one of many services that delivers ingredients and recipes to you, with the idea that you'll learn how to cook new main courses and sweet treats in an hour or less. Plated doesn't keep up with the competition. Home Bistro has several plans for Prepared Meals, ranging from single-serve entrees to combo packs with a variety of meals. However, this service does not have a customer satisfaction guarantee, which could be a problem given how many reviews say that the food tastes bad enough to ask for a refund.

Home Bistro receives our lowest rating, and we're confident you'll have a much better experience with one of the more reputable providers of Prepared Meals in our review.

If you have a loved one that needs to start eating a special diet for diabetes or other medical issues, you can choose a prepared meals company that offers ready-to-reheat meals packaged similarly to a TV dinner and that have been carefully created by nutritionists specifically for that condition.

On the other hand, maybe you've been tasked with bringing a mind-blowing main course to an important company function, but your skills in the kitchen are limited to boiling water and burning toast. When deciding which company is a good fit for your delivery of Prepared Meals, you'll soon notice that there's a wide variety to choose from.

How do you select the one that's best for you?