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If more ethanol raises corn prices, and then food, please explain? July 8, at 8: The Sabbath was given to instructive sermons and discourses Yer. An economic vegetarian is someone who practices vegetarianism from either the philosophical viewpoint concerning issues such as public health and curbing world starvation, the belief that the consumption of meat is economically unsound, part of a conscious simple living strategy or just out of necessity. July 7, at 7:

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Another consideration involved in this injunction is as to what one may wear abroad on the Sabbath. Arms, certain kinds or sandals, signet-rings in the case of women, plain rings in that of the men though women were cautioned against wearing these ornaments at all , and many more things in connection with the toilet, were under the ban see "Yad," l.

Under certain conditions the head-dress might be considered as a form of building, and therefore prohibited on the Sabbath Yer. It may be noted that in decisions made in the Middle Ages it is assumed that the Jews had at that time no regular reshut ha-rabbim. The cautions against wearing jewels and similar ornaments were not inspired by Puritanical moods or views.

The Sabbath was always and essentially a day of rejoicing. Hence fasting was forbidden, even for half a day Ta'an. Mourning was interrupted by the Sabbath M.

For a higher duty, that of observing the Sabbath was held in abeyance. A priest might violate the Sabbath in the discharge of his sacerdotal work at the altar, or while performing the sacrificial rite, or any other function, assigned to him. Acts necessary for the Passover are not affected by the prohibitions Pes.

The blowing of the shofar is permitted R. A Levite may tie a broken string on his instrument while performing in the Temple 'Er.

Circumcision also takes precedence of the Sabbath, though whatever preparations for this rite can be completed previously should not be left for the Sabbath Shab. But wheneverthere was danger to life, or where a Jewish woman was in the throes of childbirth, the Sabbath law was set aside Shab. In the case of one dangerously sick, whatever was ordered by a competent physician might be done regardless of the Sabbath; but it had to be done by pious and prominent Jews, not by non-Jews "Yad," l.

It was forbidden to delay in such a case, for it was intended that man should live by the Law, and not die through it Yoma 85a, b; Sanh. Zarah 27b, 54a; Mek. Water might be heated and the lamps lighted. In accidents, too, every help might be extended. Some restrictions were placed on the choice of fluids to relieve toothache or of ointments to relieve pain in the loins Shab. A sprained member might not have cold water poured over it, but it might be bathed in the usual way Shab.

Water might be drawn into a trough so that an animal might go and drink of its own accord 'Er. But the animal might not be drawn out by men, a precaution taken in those cases where animals had gone astray and had to be driven back into the courtyard "Yad," l. In view of the spirit of philanthropy that, as Maimonides constantly asserts "Yad," l. But the defense of Jesus assumes that the disciples were in danger of dying of starvation; he charges his critics with having neglected charity.

This must imply that they had not provided the Sabbath meals for the poor Peah viii. Thus he answers their charge with another. For the act of his disciples there was some excuse; for their neglect to provide the Sabbath meals there was none.

In the cases mentioned in Matt. In the instance of the blind man whose sight was restored John ix. In all cures effected by Jesus this was the matter at issue, not the incidental violation of the Sabbath, which might be justified on the ground that life was in danger.

If, moreover, the reading "bed" must be retained, for which there is a strong presumption, another explanation may be advanced. A brief description of the Sabbath celebration under the rabbinical system may show that even with all these minute constructions the day was a bringer of unmixed joy.

The preparations for the Sabbath having been given in detail in a previous section, they need not be repeated here. This prayer was preceded by the greeting "Good Shabbat," which was also exchanged on the way with passers-by; it was followed by the recital, on the part of the husband, of Prov. Every family had, as a rule, a stranger as its guest, who had been to the synagogue and had been invited to participate in the celebration of the Sabbath.

Students ate at the table of their masters Güdemann, "Gesch. After the meal, the Ashkenazim throughout the year, the Sephardim only in winter and summer, sang the "zemirot ha-Shabbat" idem, l. This was followed by a grace containing a special reference to the Sabbath, after which all retired. The services ended, the second Sabbath meal was commenced. Hands were washed and then the blessing was recited over wine and bread.

The meal included the "shallet" dish kept warm overnight in the congregation's oven and fruit. After this meal "zemirot" were sung, and, grace being said, the next hours were devoted to study or discourses on the Law. The discourses were often largely attended see Maimonides' letter in Abrahams, l. The Rabbis regarded the Sabbath as a befitting occasion to exhort their congregations.

People of less serious mood would walk about, or be found dancing or gossiping in the yard of the synagogue Abrahams, l. Chess was a recreation largely indulged in on Sabbath, the figures being made of silver in honor of the day.

Some of the rabbis stipulated that no money should change hands at the play Löw, "Lebensalter,"p. The Sabbath concluded with the "Habdalah. The Sabbath was often a refreshing oasis in the desert of persecution. Judah ha-Levi, a most scrupulous observer of the Law, while emphasizing the joyful character of the day, doubts that the Sabbath of the Christians and of the Mohammedans is as blessed as that of the Jews "Cuzari," iii.

His Sabbath hymns, as those of Ibn Ezra and of many others, among them being the "Lekah Dodi," attest the justice of Schechter's words concerning the Sabbath "J. In the synagogal services the joyous note alone was heard. In fact, the life of the Jews is ample testimony that the Sabbath under the Law was anything but irksome, gloomy, and fatal to spirituality.

Karaitic literalism succeeded in turning the Sabbath into a burden; but rabbinical legalism, with its legal fictions, avoided this.

The injunction not to kindle a fire might have worked hardship; but the institution of the Sabbath goy met the exigency, though Meïr Rothenburg and Solomon ben Adret scrupled to avail themselves of this loophole. Even the provisions regulating partnerships with and service of non-Jews with reference to the Sabbath law may be called legal fictions; they are of an order of juridical reasoning which is not foreign to modern English and American courts. Rabbinical law accommodated itself to the demands of life.

The Sabbath, being the fundamental and the most frequently recurring institution of Judaism, naturally engaged the attention of the Rabbis and of the codifiers to a very great extent. The present article can deal only with the more important laws, especially those having relation to the conditions of modern life. These may be conveniently treated under two headings: In both Decalogues is included the prohibition against performing any work on the Sabbath-day.

The transgressor of this law incurs the death penalty Ex. No precise definition of the term "work" is given in the Bible. From the account of the prohibition against gathering the manna on the Sabbath, it appears that cooking and baking were understood to be included under the head of work ib.

The kindling of lights is expressly prohibited ib. It is related Num. In the prophetic books references are found to what was then regarded as work. Nehemiah enters into a covenant with the people not to buy of strangers who bring their wares to the market on the Sabbath-day Neh. In other books of the Bible similar references are made to the performance on the Sabbath-day of what was considered work; but nowhere is the term "work" in relation to the Sabbath strictly defined and circumscribed.

The Rabbis, however, with their love for legal precision, laid down strict rules for the Sabbath, always endeavoring to find a Scriptural basis for their assertions. All of these kinds of work were presumed by the Rabbis to have been associated with the building of the Tabernacle; and because the prohibition against doing work on the Sabbath is found in close proximity to the account of the erection of the Tabernacle Ex.

Each of these thirty-nine classes comprises a number of kinds of work which resemble it in some form or other. The specific kinds of work comprised under one head are called the "toladot" children of that class. For instance, the class of plowing, which embraces such kinds of work as digging or making canals, has for its toladot such labors as weeding or the pruning of trees Shab.

Similarly, reaping, which implies all kinds of harvesting, whether of grain, vegetables, or fruit, has for its toladot such acts as plucking fruit from a tree, or tearing off grass or mold that has grown on a box or a barrel, or cutting off a flower Shab. There was no distinction in the punishment meted out to the transgressor, whether he performed one of the chief works "abot" or one of their toladot, except as regards the sacrifice to be offered in case a number of works coming under the same head were performed unwittingly "shogeg"; "Yad," l.

Work on the Sabbath, in order to be punishable, must be performed with the intention of doing this particular work. If one threw a stone, intending to strike a man or an animal, and the stone struck a tree and broke one of its branches, or if one intended to gather grapes and gathered dates, or vice versa, there was no punishment ; Ker. The necessary result of any action is regarded as lying in the intention of its author, whatever his avowed object may be.

For instance, one who cut off the head of a living bird in order to give it to a child as a toy, was declared to be liable to punishment, since the death of the bird was a necessary consequence of the decapitation. Similarly, if a man blew out a light, even though not for the purpose of being in darkness, but merely in order to save the oil or the wick, he was liable to punishment Shab. If, however, the result was not a necessary one, although it did occur in consequence of the action, there was no punishment.

If a man while walking on grass tore some of the blades, he was not liable to punishment, since the tearing of the grass could not be considered as a necessary consequence of the walking thereon Shab. The work, in order to make the agent liable to punishment, had to be such as would be of advantage to him. If a man tore garments or set fire to objects with the sole intention of destroying them, he was not liable to punishment. If, however, he destroyed them with a view to later improvement, as in tearing down a house in order to rebuild it, punishment followed Shab.

The laws relating to the Sabbath, in common with the other ceremonial laws, are set aside in case of danger to life. Moreover, if such an occasion for the violation of the laws arises, the work should be done not by non-Jews or minors, but by adult Jews or learned and pious rabbis, to show that while the laws of the Sabbath are important, the preservation of life is still more so Tosef.

In case of dangerous illness about which physicians disagree, if only one says that certain work should be done in order to save the patient's life, no question need be asked, and any one may perform such work. If a child is locked in a room and there is danger that it will die of fright, the door may be battered down in order to release it.

It is forbidden to hinder even the desecration of the Sabbath when a life is at stake; "for the laws of the Torah are not laws of vengeance against the world, but laws of pity, mercy, and peace" "Yad," l. The regular work of the Temple service was not interrupted on the Sabbath see Sacrifices ; Temple. Wars of defense might be waged on the Sabbath. Wars of offense were not to be begun during the three days before Sabbath, but if begun earlier they might be continued on that day Shab.

The Rabbis, in their endeavor to insure the proper observance of the Sabbath, prohibited a Jew from ordering a non-Jew to do any kind of work for him on the Sabbath-day "shebut". If, however, the non-Jew performed some work for himself, without intending that the Jew should benefit by it, the Jewmight enjoy the product of such work. Thus the Jew might use a light kindled by a non-Jew or grass gathered by a non-Jew for his own benefit Shab.

The Jew might even order the non-Jew to do certain work for him, when such work was forbidden only by rabbinic decree. Similarly, in case there was a sick person who was not in danger of death, and in whose behalf the Jew himself dared not violate the Sabbath, the non-Jew might be instructed to do the work "Yad," l.

When a non-Jew was engaged by contract to do a piece of work for a Jew, the Jew did not need to inquire whether the non-Jew worked on the Sabbath or not, except when the work was to be performed openly and it was known that it was being done for the Jew.

Thus, if a non-Jew entered into an agreement with a Jew to build him a house, the Jew had to stipulate in the contract that the non-Jew should do no work on that house on the Sabbath, unless it was to be erected in a place where no Jews passed ib. When a Jew and a non-Jew entered into partnership, the Jew had to stipulate beforehand that the non-Jew was to receive all the profits made on the Sabbath and that the Jew should take all the profits made on some other day. If such a condition was not made, the Jew forfeited his share of the profits made on the Sabbath 'Ab.

According to a later opinion, when the partnership was of such a nature that both partners worked together every day, the non-Jew might attend to the work on the Sabbath and the Jew might take his share of the aggregate profits "habla'ah"; R. Nissim on Alfasi, 'Ab. For instance, it is forbidden to handle money, stones, boards, and objects not regarded as vessels e.

Vessels or other objects that are used in work prohibited on the Sabbath may not be handled unless they are needed for an action that may be performed. For instance, a hammer may be handled if it is needed for the purpose of cracking nuts, or if the place whereon it lies is needed; but it may not be handled for its own sake, e.

It is also forbidden to handle objects that came into their present form of existence on the Sabbath "nolad" , as an egg laid, fruit that fell from a tree, or milk milked by a non-Jew, on that day "Yad," l. Basing their action on the Scriptural passage, "If thou turn away thy foot from the Sabbath, from doing thy pleasure on my holy day. Thus a man is forbidden to examine his fields, to hire workmen, to walk even less than the forbidden distance from the town and wait on the way till sunset and then proceed on his journey, to calculate, to read business or even personal letters, to speak of profane objects, and the like.

It is, however, permitted to speak or calculate about matters pertaining to holy purposes or to communal affairs, as the engaging of a teacher to teach one's child religion or a trade, or to speculate about matters of congregational concern Shab. With regard to the laws relating to the prohibition of the transportation of objects from one place to another on the Sabbath, the Rabbis distinguish several kinds of premises, e.

In the reshut ha-rabbim and in the karmelit it is forbidden to carry an object a distance of four cubits. The main prohibition is against removing an object from private property to public premises, or vice versa "Yad," l. The prohibition of the transportation of objects from an enclosed to an open place is extended also to the carrying upon one's garments of objects which can not be regarded as ornaments and which are not necessary for one's health. An animal should not be permitted to leave private premises with anything that may be considered as a burden "Yad," l.

The passage "let no man go out of his place on the seventh day" Ex. However, the limits of the city in this connection were regarded as being 2, cubits beyond its actual limits.

Thus it was permitted to walk within the city, no matter how large, and without the city 2, cubits on each side, but not farther than that "Yad," l. From the expression "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy" Ex. From the passage "and call the Sabbath a delight, the holy of the Lord, honorable" Isa.

For these meals the best food that one is able to procure should be prepared ib. Even those able to enjoy the best food every day of the week should arrange for some change in the Sabbath meals, if it be only in regard to the hours of eating.

The poor also should endeavor to provide better food for the Sabbath meals, even if it be only an additional kind of vegetable. One is warned, however, against going to too great an expense in providing for the Sabbath; especially is one warned against soliciting charity for that purpose. On this point the rabbinic maxim is "Make thy Sabbath an ordinary day rather than render thyself dependent on the charity of other men" ib. It is forbidden to eat a full meal on Friday afternoon, so that one may enjoy one's Sabbath-eve meal with greater relish see Eve of Holidays.

Every Israelite, even though he may have many servants, should himself engage in the preparation of the Sabbath meal. It is customary to have two loaves of bread "barches"; comp. The honoring "kibbud" of the Sabbath consists in wearing finer garments than usual, in being bathed and shaven, and in showing reverence for the day in every manner possible ib.

The lighting of special lights by the housewife on Sabbath eve see Lamp, Sabbath , the spreading of a special table-cloth, the use of special dishes, may be included under the same heading "Yad," l. The public worship on the Sabbath has many characteristic features peculiar to the day. Some read also before the evening service the Song of Solomon, selections from the Zohar, and some cabalistic poems. The service proper is the same as on week-days, except that the last blessing before the 'Amidah is replaced by the two verses Ex.

A change from the regular form is made also at the end of the benediction "Hashkibenu" the changes made by the Sephardim are greater than those made by the Ashkenzim. The 'Amidah itself, as well as the 'Amidahs for the other services of the Sabbath, contains only seven instead of the nineteen blessings, the first three and the last three of the latter being retained, while the middle thirteen are replaced by one blessing varying in content in the different services of the day.

In the morning service the "Zemirot" are augmented by the addition of Ps. The characteristic feature of the Sabbath-morning service is the Reading from the Law. The taking out of the scroll from the Ark and the replacing of it are usually accompanied by the chanting of various hymns and psalms.

After the scroll is replaced the Musaf prayer is recited. Sabbath afternoon is usually spent by pious Jews in the study of various sacred subjects, each one according to his knowledge and ability. It is not an unusual sight on Sabbath afternoons to see the bet ha-midrash full of people, some reading psalms, others reading from the Scriptures the portion of the week with various commentaries, others studying the haggadic portions of the Talmud, and others again engaged in the study of the more difficult portions of the Talmud and of the codes.

These studies are pursued by the people either singly or in groups, each group having its leader or reader. In some synagogues there is a permanent preacher "maggid" , who delivers a homiletic address during the afternoon; in more modern synagogues the address is delivered by the rabbi during the morning service after the scroll is replaced in the Ark.

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The data below represents worldwide nutritional profiles: Emerging from this general area is a dual spectrum of under-nutrition and obesity. There have been detailed research statistics recorded for most of the countries in this region, but there remains a large gap of knowledge.

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In the same vein a Columbian female ages 15 — 49 have a shocking 1 in 3 chance of being overweight. As well, the rate of obesity seems to increase with age. A study in Chile report a breakdown of population statistics as: Salva la cronologia Mostra tutti Link: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.

La pelle rosea sulle guance della bambina era indicatore di buona salute. Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house. The painter used flesh tones for the skin of the people in his paintings. Il pittore ha usato tonalità color carne per la pelle delle persone del dipinto. Verb taking a direct object--for example, " Say something.

Manca qualcosa di importante? Segnala un errore o suggerisci miglioramenti. Noun always used in plural form--for example, "jeans," "scissors.

The pastor preached against lust and sinning due to desires of the flesh. Il sacerdote predicava contro la lussuria e i peccati indotti dai desideri della carne.

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