Janet Jackson Flaunts Slimmer Body In New Nutrisystem Commercial


Janet Jackson unveils dramatically slimmed down figure in Nutrisystem ad
But even he had a gay character in his film 'RocknRolla' - he clearly doesn't belong to the Westboro Church, does he now? She works for it and earns it. It looks so much better. LOL R, you speak the truth. You knew what I meant. I have admired her strength in breaking away from the dysfunction of her family and forging her own career. Wow, I never knew Janet Jackson, of all celebrities, could inspire so much vitriol and hate.

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Janet Jackson and Nutrisystem Slim: Singer Debuts Weight Loss (VIDEO)

Everyone I know who ever tried it gained it all back. The only thing I noticed with her face in the commercial is how light her makeup is in it. The person who did her makeup did a bad job. She seems overly fixated on her weight when she has really never been that big! She goes up and down by maybe pounds but you would think she weighed pounds at some point given how she talks about herself.

I get the feeling both Janet and Michael had everything but never felt like it or never felt worthy of it… Report this comment as spam or abuse. I also saw the commercial yesterday, and I could NOT stop staring at her face!! Why would she do something like this? She looked so much better before. Janet STOP this foolisheness!!!

On a side not i wonder if she is still with Wissam?!? Is her before picture photoshopped in the hips? For a minute there when I just kinda sideways glanced at her photo again, I swear I saw Michael — the strange nose and cheekbones.

Hope she is not morphing into him via plastic surgery. I recently put the Morfo app on my iphone. Some people just need to leave hollywood, and go live a life outside of the spotlight. Same goes with people with substance abuse problems… Hollywood is just not a conducive and safe environment for you.

She will gain all the weight back and endorse Jenny Craig when she loses it again. She has totally ruined her face, the nostrils and the cheeks make her look like the Grinch Report this comment as spam or abuse. She used to be so pretty. I think her super wealthy Arabian connections help a lot.. In my eyes, she has always been a classy lady and one hell of a preformer. On the one hand your have her very dysfunctional family, on the other the pressures of being an icon in her own right. Of course, that was 20 years ago but her body was how I think it should be.

Toned but not too tiny. If you measure how long her arms would hang down, she has the physiognomy of a chimpanzee. Its so depressing to see just about every black female entertainer in Hollywood chop up their noses. Even Cecily Tyson appears to have had a nose job. Although I do think it is weirdly heartening to look at Janet, because in general black actresses and singers are not going as far as Janet has with the nose job Nicki Minaj is the only exception — she has a ridic nose job.

Many go for the more natural-looking nose jobs like Halle and Beyonce. Excellent posts all esp. The shape of her face seems to have changed dramatically. Whatever she did I was shocked. Her before picture is not the ones others are showing real life photos, not posed professional shots where she is dressed in slimming black and hands raised to elongate her torso. She was a lot heavier than this photo shows. Janet is famous for surgically removing the pounds and having her body sculpted by her doctors.

What ever happened to truth in advertising? If she can afford all these surgeries, she can afford someone to help her emotionally get over her teasing by her brother.

Much of weight loss starts in the head. She looked better in the before picture. Not just her face. At least she looked like a real person. Is this a commercial for cat food? Janet, to me, looks good with a little bit of weight on her. In that first pic she looks a little like Gabrielle Union. Is she seriously only 45? She looks even more like a alien now. I think, and have always thought, that Janet Jackson is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Not just physically, but her personality based on her interviews since I clearly do not know her on a personal level is a gentle and loving one. People that are critising her new figure I do agree that it likely has had some photoshopping in these photos and tv ad — but I think she is pretty slim in real life too and her face are being mean.

Nobody is or looks perfect including Janet, and perhaps she has struggled with her appearance just like many people choosing to change some things to make herself feel more confident about her outter appearance.

We all do things to improve the way we look. LOL Report this comment as spam or abuse. Guh, her cheeks look so unnaturally hard. She looks really light-complected in that awful commercial. The media and women need to take responsibility for how they talk about one another. Can I just take this opportunity to say…when have you EVER seen triangular-shaped nostrils on a human being? Speaking of unnatural noses…That Nicki Minaj better stop the jacking before she has nothing more than a toothpick to breathe through.

The after picture is unnatural — either photoshop or corset. Or then just unnatural. But indeed, she looked so much better before! They used to be such a beautiful shape, without looking overly manicured, and now they look like budget Fergie eyebrows — totally wack and unflattering. Idk all I gotsa say is that shizz is def jacked lol Report this comment as spam or abuse.

The whole family was beautiful before the plastic surgery. Michael was very handsome before he chopped up his face, and Janet was pretty. Why do that to yourself? It looks like the bones in her face have all been repositioned to an oblong structure unlike the round face she used to have. One minute she sporting tats and body piercings and then shes asking Tupac S. Latoya smh why lord, why Report this comment as spam or abuse.

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Even at my thinnest, when my body was being praised, I wasn't happy with what I saw in the mirror or how I felt about myself. She also revealed that the source of her torment was sometimes none other than her own brother, the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Even as a little kid. Now, however, Jackson's weight seems to be under control, possibly for good. She joins the ranks of celebrities endorsing weight loss programs— Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, and Charles Barkley have all lost weight via food services, and participated in advertisements to showcase their transformation.

I haven't reached where I want to be. I'm a work in progress. I haven't reached my success. I know I will get there with Nutrisystem. I am happy with who I am and the person I am," said Jackson.

Janet Jackson shows off her new, jacked face in a budget Nutrisystem commercial