Cops carry out welfare check on Janet Jackson's infant son

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Michael Jackson is and always will be remembered by all of us he was an innovator and genius of music, and endless talanted dancer and singer Words can not express our sorry but as his fans we will have him in our hearts and listen to his music and videos for all time! God has control of how and when we all die.

He was generous enought to give us Michael Jackson for 50 years. He has done his duty here on earth by bringing the world together to make it a better place. He is now on that Neverland Ranch in the sky where he will be forever young and we will see him again. We love you Michael. Michael may have felt abused but honestly i dont see his father doing that with his deceased son's kids!

Give them a chance! I hope that those of you who are saying some real ignorant,disrespectful things know that Karma really does come back!!! PLease report on Michael Jackson from a positive point of view from now on. It is heart breaking to hear the garbage that reporter's want to ask guests about who knew Michael. Larry King was doing that tonight, harping on the same thoughtless questions Brando we have an honest inside of who MJ really was.

A loving and caring-beyond humane- person. On the other hand, when MJ was among us, the media would call him "wacko" "perv Please, Please, let Michael rest in peace! Michael is gone and he lived his life and did a success with it. Be it if he was happy or sad. He is gone, so stop with the negativity for he can't defend himself now.

Let my boy rest in peace. Please people, leave him alone. I hope Michael Jackson has a Will. I hope they abide by any Will established by Michael Jackson particularly if he "gifts" his loyal friends and employees who have stood by him for all these years. The family should certainly have guardianship of the children. Their financial reward is the love and care of these children. The financial estate is a personal choice of Michaels and too big for this family to handle. The children should be educated and exposed to the lifestyle Michael wanted for them.

I am very sat at the passing of Michael Jackson. I would just like to know where were all of these friends when he was going through his trial, i did not here all these good coments when he was charged. I did not here any comments from his so call best friend miko. My prayers go out to his family and children and i do hope that Mr.

Jackson will treat his grand children better that he did his children. My heart feels so broken. He will have and be in peace now! He will also see what a beautiful person he has always been! The whole world will celebrate his life! Michael Jackson's father is being interviewed, says "everyone is fine? My son grew up listening to the Thriller album You will be sorely missed.

I think that michael jackson will leave a very big gap in the world and i belive that it will never be another one like micheal jackson He will be missed. Thanks Miko for sharing your story of true friendship.

Just remember that Michael will always be with you sitting on that bench I only wish that I could have had the rare opportunity to have experienced Michael's friendship as you have.

Please continue to share your experiences with the world. The blog from Miko Brando is lovely and shows the real MJ. We need more of these types of stories. Let's end this charade. This was set up by AEG. Do not listen to anyone that was in Michael's 'inner circle' because all of those people during the last few months were on the pay roll of AEG.

I firmly believe that Michael had become manic depressive. He no longer wanted to perform, but at the same time, he needed the cash flow, otherwise he would have to sell his most prized possession half of his sony catalog, as well as the part of Neverland that he still owned Again, notice that everyone in his 'inner circle' was hired by AEG. The doctor was on payroll by AEG, the stage crew, the dancers, the physical fitness trainer They are all reporting that MJ was in such 'excellent' health, because they know that if they reported the truth, AEG would not receive the insurance money to cover the ticket and promotion reimbursements that were shelled out.

Secondly, MJ was truly a kid at heart. Over the course of his life, he spent excessively but not just on himself, on others as well. He was a great philanthropist, but he also suffered from an extremist personality.

This is witnessed in plastic surgeries and general spending sprees. Lastly, the children should not be at the Jackson family home. Joe Jackson really messed up his children.

The only normal person seems to be Janet and perhaps Jermaine. Sorry to say, but the Jackson family is really a piece of work. Joe Jackson spent much of the day discussing his new music studio plans, while his wife Kathryn in less than two days already filed to control Jackson's estate.

Why didn't they intervene when he was living? If that was my child, I would have barged into that house and forced him into rehab. And one last comment, Miko Brando was one of the many leaches that drained Michael of everything. He stated that his role was to 'look after Michael. The Immortal Legend Michael Jackson May thy spirit soar through the heavens bringing joy to those spirits long gone before you as well as those who went beside you Heaven is so very lucky to have the greatest son who lived on earth fifty years to liven the heavenly gates up these few days It will be a celebration never before heard of or seen in this life time God bless America, the world as we come together in peace I grew up loving michael ,as a child I remember my mother had a afro wig on a head in the living room.

I had went too sleep,and then got back up,and peak in the living,and thought michael jackson wasin the house I scream so loud I woke everyone up. I will always hold this memory close too my heart. Miko,you sir,are a class act. My condolences to you and the entire Jackson family. I too feel better knowing MJ had a friend like you. I know when you remember Michael it will be filled with love and laughter. So, when you're ready Miko, go seat on that "bench" smile and light up a Cigar.

I was wondering why Larry doesn't press Miko Brando harder on the drug issue. I was really impressed with Deepak Chopra for refusing to write Michael a prescription for oxycontin and found it interesting when he said that Michael stopped taking his calls when he kept trying to convince MJ to stop taking drugs. But I found it disturbingly odd that Michael's great friend, Miko Brando, was silent during all of the discussion and didn't want to comment on Michael's addiction.

It makes me wonder if Miko was one of the "enablers" who helped Michael get drugs in order to be his friend. Just an impression I got from the interview. If he did help him get drugs — or stood back and did nothing to help him stop taking drugs — then he really wasn't much of a friend.

Miko, thank you so much for sharing. I spent my week-end crying, but now your comments have made me feel better. Michael is loved and will be missed. His talent will never come again.

I wish I could adopt Michael's kids and continue to give them the love and attention that their dad gave them. He was a good man and I hope that people can remember the good in him and stop pointing out his flaws. He is gone and no one should be judging him for his wrong decisions with prescription meds. Michael was like a child in many ways and we should all be so lucky. Life apparently is too short and tomorrow is not promised to anyone no matter how rich or poor you are.

You can't cheat death! He will always live on in his music Always wanting to give us more of him I will miss you Michael and I pray that I will meet you in the sky one day Love that God has given us all to share but very few truely share it or experience it I saw ur show for the whole 2 hours even when they towed the doctors car he was nowhere insight.

Miko, I too thank you for sharing with us a glimpse into what kind of person Michael was outside of the public eye. It's a heartwarming picture you have painted for us and those of us who didn't know him thank you. I'm only a couple of years older than Michael but I feel like I too grew up with him. Like everyone, I watched the Thriller video over an over again. He sure doesn't seem like a man mourning his son. If this is any indicationn of what life was like with him and how he "loved" his children, then it's no wonder Michael grew up to be a troubled man.

Parents don't always understand how important it is to choose your words carefully when dealing with your children in the formative years. Obviously if Joe criticized Michaels appearance as a child Changing his appearance seemed to be an obsession. Joe seems so cold and unloving.

On the other hand his mother Katherine and his sister Janet seem so loving and "normal". He was eccentric but what caused this pain and sadness. I'd start with Joe Jackson Reading this story makes me happy to know that MJ had such a good friend. He was a world-wide famous musical and kinesthetic genius, of course, but let's remember that he was only human.

He had a tough early life that likely influenced his bizarre lifestyle. I feel so sorry for his lonely and abusive childhood experiences. I have grown up with Michael Jackson all my life.

My mom introduced me to his music when I was just a little girl. Imitating his moves, with my leather jacket and white glove. I just wish that I would have gotten the chance to have met him personally.

My mother on the other hand has been a MJ fan forever. She listens to his music and videos on a daily basis. She babysits for a living and there isn't one of those kids that doesn't know every single MJ song ever written. If there was ever anything negative said about Michael Jackson she would defend him to the end. He was her Idol and she cared greatly about this man. He has been a great role model and still will be forever.

I have three kids and I can't wait to show them the most talented and loving person that ever lived. I send out my condolences to his family and friends.

RIP Michael and hopefully one day I will finally have the honor to meet you! Since the beginning of man kind, we have been blessed to have angels walk amongst us; Jesus, Mozart, Rembrant, Michael Angelo and Michael Jackson to name a few.

As human beings we need to take a hard look at how we treat God's angels. Why is it we ridicule what we don't understand. Michael Jackson was unique. He had a heart of gold filled with love and compassion for those that were less fortunate. There is not a human that has walked this earth that hasn't had or doesn't have flaws. Each and everyone of us could stand to be more like Michael — instead of ridicule we should be reaching out to those who need a helping hand.

I loved and will always love MJ. Only in US people believed the money hungry monsters, outside US we all know it was an opportunity for them to get rich. Thank you Miko for telling us about your friendship with Michael. It's nice to hear some positive information about him and his life outside the media stupidity. I pray for your pain as well as the pain for his kids and family.

My prayers are with all of you. I adore Michael and I know that he is looking down with a smile and saying to us in Heaven I will miss you Michael, and I know that your legacy will never die. Thank you for the gift of music you left for all of us and our kids, our kids kids too. Those of us that really LOVE you will make sure of that!!

For anybody that ever said any negative things about Michael Karma always comes back in some form or another!!!!!! Billy Mays did NOT have something hit him on the head when an airplane had a hard landing,go home and tell his wife he had a headache and was feeling groggy and go to go to bed only to die and have doctors say the cause of death was his HEART.

The cause of death was the same thing Liiam Neeson's wife died from when she visited Quebec to go skiing. Why the cover up? My nephew got married about a year and a half ago,the DJ played some Michael Jackson music and my sister and afew other girls. We danced like the monsters and while the music played , i noticed all the catering staff were watching us dance from around the corner ot the buffet room.

When we were done they all cheered and clapped. It was so much fun and we would like to thank Michael for giving us such fond memories wherever we were throughout the years when his music was playing. Thank you Michael for the wonderfull memories.

I Love Michael I will miss him dearly I wish me and my family had gotten a chance to see him I do not believe that Michael would ever hurt anyone people need to leave him alone and let him finally have peace that he muchly deservers I grew up with his music he was is and will always be the greatest he will always be in my heart I'll never forget how much of a kind caring giving loving person he was and I will always try to live like his heart for people and life that he lived Iam sorry that Michael will never know how much he really was loved by people I know heaven opened up the doors for him so maybe he does know and is smiling down upon us all My thoughts and prayers go out to his children and family people now need to think of what they say when it comes to his children please think of them now.

Thank you Mr King. Thank you, Miko for sharing your life and times with Michael Jackson with the world. Everyone should have a friend to speak canidly with, have a good belly laugh, cry a good cry, or just sit in silence. A friend you can call anytime for anything and vice versa.

I extend my condolences to you as well as his lovely family, All of his fans are grieving too, as we have grown up with him and loved MJ through his concerts, music, videos, interviews, and morsel that would come our way. This is still something that seems so unbelievable to me. Ed Chernoff said that Dr. Murray knew how to do CPR. So why didn't he do it properly?? On the floor, not the bed. I agree with Sharon He doesn't even deserve their love.

I really hope Miko that you can do something about that. I'm sure her mom will be great, but this guy will still be around He is all business He loved her and the rest of his family, but pain and only pain came from the mention of his father's name Sad, I hope Michael will finally be in peace! Thank you sharing your thoughts and experiences of your close friend Michael Jackson. I've been a fan of MJ for a long time However, what fascinated me most about him, more than his brilliance and tremendous talent, was his incredible kindness.

Even though I obvioulsy never got to know the person Michael Jackson, I always felt that he was a truly warm-hearted, kind and caring person My heart and prayers go out to his family, his children and to his true friends. It is a comfort to know that Michael had friends like you, and your father, Miko. You have confirmed what people all over the world have always "known" about Michael.

Bless you both for standing up for Michael, the man he chose to be, and the man he was — a shining star without equal here on Earth. Michael was magic, and I'll take magic over normal every time. I hope that those who have persecuted and harassed this most gifted, loving man reap the malice they have sown and continue to spew like poison against Michael. They can't touch Michael now or ever again. Michael probably forgives them; I never will. Where there is love. You're the man, Michael, and you always will be.

Keep dancing and singing, Michael. We're watching and listening. We love you, Michael. This is a very sad time for the entire Jackson family. It would be nice if all, but especially the press, be mindful of those three children, those babies, who have just lost their father. I'm sure the family is helping them cope with their grief and at the same, trying to shield them from all the press, both positive and negative, about their father.

I understand the press has a job to do, but I just hope that the family's feelings, especially his children, are taken into consideration during this time of mourning. Thank you Miko for being on Larry 's show. I am soo glad michael had a friend like you and i can tell that you are sincere when you speak of your friendship with Michael I pray that God will give you peace in your heart and comfort you in your loss of such a good friend.

I loved Michael and his music and i never believed those allegations! Michael had soo much love! Rest in peace Michael you will live forever in my heart and through your awesome music! I love Michael Jackson and I always will. I hope someday he can rest in peace and people will stop focusing on all the negativity and focus on all the talent this young man shared with all of the world.

There will never be anoher Michael Jackson. I will keep his children in my prayers and pray that whoever takes care of them will think only of their welfare and treat them the same way their father did, with kindness and love. Michael was and always will be a musical genius. We love you Michael and may you rest in peace. God Bless your children, family and your memory. You will never be forgotten. May you finally find your eternal happiness.

Thank you micheal for all the beautiful songs. Thanks for letting us into your life and shareing it with us, the world has lost an amazing and talented man he gave everything he had to his craftand we thank you for that. Let us not forget everything you did to help the worlds childrens from their pain and let also not forget how much of you time and money you gave away, you did'nt have to do that you could of just turn your back and look away like so many of us do but you did and i will like to thank you.

When i listen to some of your songs like heal the world and the earth song i hear how much you truly care about what happen to this plant.

Micheal i hope where ever you are tonight i hope you find peace i hope you get the respect in death that you could'nt get in life, may God bless and keep you safe until we meet again. S to the girl angela how dare you said that if he loved his kids you would have stayed alive that is so wrong my mom loved me and she died even thou she wanted to stay alive for me but when it is your time to go you do not have a say. That man single handidly is responsible for the way MJ ended up. He tortured that child and man and physically, psychologically and emotionally destroyed him.

MJ has said since he was a small child with the Jackson 5 how he hated and feared his father. He talked about how lonely he was and said numerous times that he wanted to die. He said in several interviews that his father made him vomit just by being in the same room with him. Then the media tortures him and brings up his horrible memories and feelings and experiences by asking him the same painful questions over and over, and even after MJ asks them not too or starts crying they continue to talk about things that really upset him.

The media is a bunch of PIGS too. Then MJ has everyone under the sun suing him for everything and anything. Of course those kids made up the story about being molested by MJ. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I can tell you sexual predators do NOT molest two kids when they spend their entire life surrounded by kids. There would have been hundreds of kids from all over the world with those claims and not just two.

I would not be surprise if they made up having cancer too. I am sure their parents are slip and fall types and sue everyone for everything. MJ's two oldest kids can speak for themselves. They would tell if they saw or experienced anything like that. I doubt MJ ever let anyone see his body period. I would not be surprised if the man died a virgin.

You have to know what Vitaligo and Lupus does to your body to understand, but anyone who has suffered from an eating disorder or an OCD condition will tell you, you do NOT show our body to people.

I do not think MJ ran around in the sun and on the beach covered from head to toe just to be weird and different.

I truly believe he had conditions that made him feel it so necessary to hide his body. His love of animals. Well that came from not wanting to be judged or criticized.

Animals love unconditionally and as for him wanting to be around kids and stay a kid. I bet he never emotionally developed past about 10 years old.

If MJ was anyone but who he was, he would have been receiving counseling and possibly taking medications to keep him chemically balanced and he would have gotten the help and intervention he so desperately needed. I wish he could have known me and some of his other fans personally cause I doubt we would have let his life spiral out of control the way the music industry leaches he was around did.

He spent his entire life being exploited and being used. His father called all the shots, and even with all the hell Joe Jackson put him through, MJ up to the very end strived for his love and acceptance.

The PIG was promoting his new record company and did not show a lick of humanity or grief toward his son. MJ was nothing more than a cash cow to him, and I am sure he is already trying to figure out how to get money with MJ's two sons now.

Joe Jackson wears sunglasses to hide the dollar signs in his eyes. Secondly, MJ really did suffer from Vitaligo, and some say he suffered from Lupus too which is a horribly debilitating disease. Both are triggered by traumatic events and I think this is just my opinion and I am no medical expert that when Jackson was burned during the Pepsi commercial that triggered the Vitiligo.

If you look back, you can probably notice that most of his changes and the time that he withdrew and started to appear and act different was after that accident. He also always hated how he looked not nly cause his father constantly told him how ugly he was when he was actually drop dead GORGEOUS but when he was young, black was not seen as beautiful in our society and so I am sure he was teased and taunted and he participated in what a lot of young blacks participated in which was straitening their hair, and lightening their skin and trying to make their facial features more European.

After he was burned, and had scars I am sure his eating disorder and BDD went out of control. Then he was in pain with both the burns and the Vitaligo and so he started using drugs to fight the pain and still be able to dance and then one thing led to the next and before you know it, he was no longer capable of making decisions or managing any aspect of his life.

The people who PUT themselves around him he was not choosing these people with a rational, or logical mind were determined to keep him as high as a kite so they could get him to sign checks and give them money. Third, and finally, in my opinion, MJ decided to end it all. He was completely fed up and had nothing left in him to fight anymore.

Anyone who says that he was in shape and healthy and all that are lying through their teeth. The man was emaciated and weighed like pounds or something which is small even for MJ. The man was like 5 8 or 5 9. My son is 11 and weighs , and he has an athletic build. Then he was in a lot and I mean a lot of pain. He was not eating and had said many times he wanted to be dead. He was tired of Joe Jackson pulling his strings and he was tired of smiling on the outside while dying on the inside, and I think he went home from practice and took some pills, and laid down and went to sleep and for the first time in his almost 51 years finally got some peace, quite and rest.

I think that is one of the reasons he has allowed the media to take pictures of his kids lately. He knew he was no longer going to be around to protect and sheild them and so he wanted to get them used to being photographed by the media.

He himself, quit covering his nose and mouth. He no longer cared if he contracted something, cause he knew he was going home to God. I also hope that when the time comes for Paraside to return to earth, MJ is front and center doing his moon walk and his 50 degree lean and all his fans can walk up and hug him and tell him how much we love him and how worthy he is, First off thanks, Larry King for continuing to cover Michael Jackson's story and legacy; and not just simply forgetting him.

Miko, thank you for sharing with us in your own words; your private relationship which you had with your good friend MIchael. So sorry, for your loss as well; you are very fortunate more so than the rest of his fans to have known such a great performer, muscian, and human being.

The way in which you described the relationship you and Michael had; suggests that the two of you were like brothers. Listening to you Miko describe how great and kind a person Michael was; confirms the truth none of the media nonsense. You knew him better than many of his family members it seems. Thank you for sharing with us once again I am going to save this article; because, I beleive that you have the most honest definition of who Michael really was thankyou!!!

Why was the doctor doing compressions on the bed? I'm not even a doctor and I know from a simple babysitting class that doing compressions for CPR on a bed is ineffective. I have not heard anything about this blatant error in the news. MJ's doctor should get in trouble for malpractice. Thank you Miko for speaking to Larry's listeners about Michael.

I am happy to know Michael had such a friend. I love you for telling the truth. I wish you peace of mind. Am sitting hear thinking about my childhood i lived with my grandmother and she did not have cable one day she came home with a copy of the jackson 5 album and she put it on to play me and my cousin sat on the front step and listen to his album it was wonderful to hear i fell in love from that moment with micheal eveything he did was great i dance to his music i make love to his music but most of all i cry to his music, when my mom past away it was his music that help me to grave with my lost so for that i say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Time seems to slow down at first, like it's a dream, and — or — a nightmare. I am very aware of the mourning process, because of all the family that have Passed ON, in my life. It seems like I have had to deal with a lot of loss. First, as a 7 year old kid, I lost my parents, then my great — grandmother passed, a few years later, my grandmother passed when I was a young mother. Then in , my son was shot and died, and finally, 3 weeks after my son passed on, my grandfather passed.

So, you see I have had lots of time to mourn, and would like to try to help others at this time. I think the family should have a private funeral. Have their time to mourn. Then make plans for a public memorial. The kids need peace right now. WE all share loss together, and hold each other up, at times like this.

These are the things Michael would sing about. Michael Jackson is a living example of the Love and Life that God intends for us to have. He was one of the most giving and caring people that I myself have ever known anything about. I have never heard of MJ being disrespectful towards anyone, I have only seen him give love and be persecuted. The media cares about no one. The paparazzi cares about no one or their own personal right to have privacy. And who gave Angela the right to judge anyone?

You have no proof that Michael Jackson did anything harmful to anyone or himself. The post that you left is a prime example of the hatred and persecution that drives people in any famous position to doing harmful things to themselves, and hurting others while doing it. You have no God given right to say that he did not deserve to have children.

If he had no right to children, they would not be here on this earth breathing. God has once again called home on of his beautiful Angels sent here to do his work to rest. Regardless of what we may every know, God knows all and if it were not Michael's time, he would be here today. Its refreshing to see someone be a true friend, and not try to damage their reputation just for 15 minutes of fame.

It is my pleasure to post a comment!! Michael Jackson, if he died at the hands of drugs he was a victim of years of giving to everyone and not taking from them. I can say that all the lyrics in HIS songs have never promoted drugs or sexual mischief. And not for his discretions he showed in his songs that he presented to our children. Judge not for one day you to will be judged. Miko's Blog and comments sound sincere Michael Jackson was obviously awe struck by Marlon Brando.

Brando's children Miko included are products of the Hollywood dysfunctional family trees Remember Brando's other son, may he rest in peace, who shot their sister's lover-followed by the very public trial, incarceration and untimely death? I'm sure Jackson felt some of the similarities in his friendship with the Brando family and Miko. I was also taken aback, but not surprised that Miko was and continues to be on Jackson's Payroll?

Michael certainly had extravagant tastes for spending May the "King of Pop" rest in peace This was the most beautiful letter written, you couldn't have said it any better. I never met him or ever attempted to meet him but I have been profoundly affected by his music and his family for all of my childhood and adulthood.

His songs were my santuary. I always knew that he was about spreading LOVE to the people. His illumination was also my shining example, this is why I try to tell people to love each other everyday because tomorrow is not promised to us all. Thank you for your letter and thank you to Larry King as well as Anderson Cooper for always bringing to us viewers such a shining and enlghtening coverage of the Jackson family and Michael Jackson's death, I really appreciate it and I hope other newscasters would follow his example.

Also, I wish people would stop turning their noses up in the air as if they lead a seamless and perfectly error free life, do some introspection please people. And if you are such a perfect human being then please take a look at your family tree, there you will see that you are related to people who are different or abnormal according to society's standards and you will see that they too hold different values than your own.

Instead of being critical of another human being, I would work on myself first. I had hope that Michael would someday be received well again with love and open arms especially by the American public prior to his death, still I am happy that he is receiving is due in death and hopefully the horrible scars left on his named will be removed in time with just PURE LOVE and adoration.

As far as everyone criticizing Joe's Jackson behavior, please leave the family alone. Everyone grieves very differently and some of us do not grieve the same for every death that occurs in the family.

Please stop putting people in a box and let them handle situations as is. Stop using professional theories to define people all the time. He was different like many geniuses of the past not abnormal or eccentric and he was a very special human being. He loved humanity wholeheartedly but their reception was not as he had hope or expected, therefore, the outcome could have created his embattlement which was exascerbated and and still is exaggerated by the media.

This could have led to what was considered by some to be so called bizarre behaviors and created his distrust which is okay under any circumstances generally in life. Many of us will never live the type of life he had lead, EVER, so who are we to scrutinize him for being himself.

HE LED the life of a genius with a tortured soul which is typical of them all. It will probably take me the rest of my life to get over his untimely and tragic death. I am glad to have been apart of this generation that was able to witness his life's body of work. I will have stories to hopefully tell my own children and grandchildren. His legacy speaks for itself.

His legend will live on for many generations. With what, the constitution? Shove your phony war on terror. They'll keep doing this crap as long as there's idiots out there that buy anything the G tells them.

When you read these, and if you do more research, you will actually wonder how the man lived as long as he did. WOW did he suffer!! Individuals with very obvious and immediately-noticeable defects should not be diagnosed with BDD, however culture and clinician bias may play a significant part in the subjectivity behind determining what physical appearance is considered 'normal' and in whom the disorder is diagnosed.

The exact cause or causes of BDD is unknown, but most clinicians believe it to be a complex combination of biological, psychological and sociological factors. Onset of symptoms generally occurs in adolescence or early adulthood, although cases of BDD onset in children and older adults is not unknown. BDD is often misunderstood to affect mostly women, however research shows that it affects men and women equally.

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Patients who are stigmatised for their condition may experience depression and similar mood disorders. New patches also appear over time, and can be generalised over large portions of the body, or localised to a particular area.

Vitiligo where little pigmented skin remains is referred to as vitiligo universalis. NSV can come about at any age, unlike segmental vitiligo which is far more prevalent in teenage years. Its treatment is also different to that of NSV. It tends to affect areas of skin that are associated with dorsal roots from the spine.

It spreads much more rapidly than NSV and, without treatment, patches of depigmented skin remain throughout life Lupus is an autoimmune disorder and it effects organ systems, skin, joints, and internal organs. Lupus can effect both men and women, but it is eight times as likely in women. It can also occur at any age, but the typical age range for someone to get Lupus is ten to fifty. It is normally more common in African American people as well as Asian people. This is a disease that is usually hereditary, but in some cases there is no family history of Lupus.

Lupus occurs when antibodies attack the healthy cells in the body. Certain drugs can cause Lupus as well. Most cases have some family background to them, but in a few cases there is no apparent cause for the disease. The disease has been heavily researched and has been linked to other disorders, but only in theory, nothing is definitely stated for fact. Symptoms of this can vary in a wide variety of areas in the body. In the muscloskeletal area it affects the joints and causes mild to severe joint pain.

Lupus is known to cause athritis in the hands. The skin is affected by rashes, skin lesions, and painful nodules that appear to be raised bruises. Kidneys produce protein deposits and can have renal failure, leading to dialysis. The Nervous System can cause mental dysfunction, seizures, psychosis, and severe headaches.

Blood clots can occur as well as pulmonary embolism. The heart could produce chest pain, endocraditis, and myocarditis. Which the symptoms in the heart could also have something to do with the effects Lupus has in the blood, with the clotting that can occur. Shortness of breath and even pleurisy can occur within the lungs due to Lupus. Because we are paying respect to Michael Jackson, doesn't mean that we have forgotten the women, men, Iraqi civilians, reporters and those in Afganistan, etc who have lost their lives!

My suggestion, if the coverage and conversations about Michael are too uncomfortable for you, turn the channel. I agree with your mindset. TOO Bad for their lonely existence. It will take a long time before we fully understand his colossal impact on the modern art and culture today.

Anderson just asked MJ's pass lawyer what he think happened I am not sure why, since we all see the negative media pushed him to his death through all the stress I know Anderson have done a lot of charity work and he is an extremely kind person, but there is other media outlets out there that are only interested in the negative.. I hope as a spiritual woman, she stays away from the media and grieve for her some with the help of her other kids I was never a true MJ"s fan Michael seemed to be such a kind, gentle soul and such a giver, always trying to heal the universe through music.

Giving his all — his heart and soul in his music -with the hopes of changing the world for the better To find someone to compare Michael's kindness and gentleness of spirit, the one person that comes to mind is Mother Theresa, for her years of undeniable giving of herself unselfishly; that to me describes Micheal, giving his ALL, for most of his life So few left in our society, in our world with those unselfish qualities.

I'm very familiar with grief. My plan was to see him in the United States because I have always missed his concerts. I've loved him since Miko, thank you for sharing your intimate memories with us. I know it is hardest for his family aand friends I believe that God sent us this beautiful, caring, angel, Michael, to help us learn to accept each other We are all grieving right now because we will miss the physical Michael, but I take solace in knowing that he is not in any pain physcially or mentally and that he is with GOD.

I understand the medias job to report everything Now as a mother of 2 young children Michael is at peace now and his children will be loved and cared for whomever they are with, because the world will be watching. Miko, I'm sad for you to lose your best friend. I too have suffered a loss of a loved one due to cancer.

Your loss will never subside or go away.. As time passes it becomes a bit softer and does not hurt as much as it does today, We all loved and respected Michael especially for his immense talent and integerity. May we always remember the power of this bright star and entertainer. God Bless you Michael, we shall miss you, but never forget you. Miko, I pray these following days, weeks and months you will remember the good times you shared with Michael and know you will be together again.

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane. I would walk right up to Heaven and bring you back again. No farewell words were spoken.

No time to say "GoodBye" You were gone before I knew it. My heart still aches with sadness, and secret tears still flow. What it meant to love you- No one can ever know. But now I know you want me to mourn for you no more: To remember all the happy times, life still has much in store.

Since you'll never be forgotten, I pledge to you today- A hollowed place within my heart is where your'll always stay. I've been going on just about everyones blog and reading the good and bad about Michael Jackson. I don't have the words to express how sadden i'm to know that his man Michael Jackson has gone to the angels. Michael Jackson song "Gone to soon" should be played in remembering him cause he wrote it and he's gone to soon.

Michael Jackson what a wonderful performer and dancer what a shame that we couldn't show him how much he was loved when he was alive. Michael Jackson is that shining comet light going across the sky making music up in heaven and having concerts up in heaven. Miko, i'm sorry for the loss of your dearest friend,brother Michael Jackson will never be forgotten he'll live on forever,forever.

My prayers go out to Miko and his family. Michael Jackson their was only one superstar like him and know other star who could dance like Michael Jackson. Last night Gerlado Rivera had a panel of experts on with the four possible causes of death. The forth was murder by the concert promoters who realized Jackson could not perform the concerts.

Allegedly they had insurance that covered his life. I am a regular CNN viewer. Why have I heard zero from CNN on murder as a possible cause of death? God bless you Michael Jackson, the world as a whole finally knows your worth, I love you Michael.

Hi Miko, Thank you very much for taking the time to write that, especially at a time when you must be so full of shock and grief. I am so sorry for your loss. My condolences go out to you and the rest of Michael Jackson's friends and all of his family.

I have many childhood memories of Michael Jackson. Seeing him in concert for the first time in , which we lined the streets at 3am to get tickets for, watching his videos at sleepovers. I almost feel like I grew up with him and that a part of my life is now missing.

You were one of the few lucky ones who got to know the real Michael. May your memories comfort you. Michael will always be in your heart. I hope you know that people from around the world are thinking about you, and remembering your great friend Michael for not only the superstar that he was, but for the kind and gentle soul he was.

MJ will live for ever!!!!!! Thank you Miko for sharing your stories about Michael. My thoughts and prayers go out to Michaels children. He will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Michael. You are so loved. I don't think Joe Jackson lives with Katherine. I've also heard that Joe lives in Vegas. I think Katherine will take care of her grandchildren. I am so sorry about the loss of this amazing and beautiful human!

I watched the BET awards last nite, and in a way.. BUT, another part felt a little bitter, sad and maybe even a little angry. For the simple fact that, it took his passing for something like that to come together. Why didn't they ever dedicate something like that for him when he was here with us and very much alive??? I believe something that touching would have modivated him so much more, and i'm sure he knew that so many of us loved him and appreciated him..

I am so hurt, that so much of the news at the end relating to MJ was about the disgusting lies and evil thoughts, words, images etc. I don't believe he was weird at all, and I can say that with all the belief in my heart. He was just a person who needed the love of the world. To be sheltered by all of our hearts and be nothing but positive for him. I've had my own encounters with saddness, hurt, sorrow, pain, etc And I think maybe that's a little bit of what MJ went through.

I'm sure his children, friends and loved ones gave him more than enough love.. We all know he had a painful and hard childhood, how he wasn't ever able to enjoy a normal childhood. In the end though, I believe he is in a much better place, and i believe he is finally able to rest. And i'm sure he is smiling down on us.. It would have to be a HUGE venue. This deeply saddens me and my condolences to his family, children and close friends.

I grew up loving Michael Jackson and this really hurts my heart. God bless him and I hope that he is in peace. Thank you for your wonderful comments Miko I can tell that you were a great a friend. I'm just in tears after reading this blog thank you Miko for giving us an inside to the beautiful person Michael was.

It was a privilage for me as a fan to admire such a great star and today he shines brighter then ever. Michael you are greatly miss but you'll legacy will forever be with us. Miko Brando, that was very nice, I am sorry that you lost your dear friend, Michael Jackson Many of us, feel that we also lost a friend, I grew up on MJ, he was truly amazing, a genious, simply the best Over the past few days there have been mostly good reports and of course with all the good, some bad and negative has to come with it No matter what is written or reported about Michael Jackson, we all know what to expect My complaint about this sad story is that too many people have to much to say Michael's Kid's are in a safe and secure place with Mrs.

Jackson and I am sure that Michael's Mother has alot of help from the other brother's and sisters Behind his seemingly-perfect life of glamorous friends, gold-plated tyre swings, and personal chefs, there is a dark history of medical experiments, addiction and loss.

But Bubbles has fought against his personal and professional problems and, with his help of man-pet Michael Jackson, he has grown to become bigger than King Kong—figuratively speaking. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bubbles Bubbles being held in Michael Jackson's arm.

The public perception of what Michael is as a human being has been highly exaggerated. Those articles are hard for me to relate to. For instance, Bubbles is more fun than a lot of people I know. I saw Bubbles at a wedding in a tux. He has great table manners. Primates portal Michael Jackson portal. She notes that at about 6 to 8 years of age, the animals become strong and indocile. She added that some animals, however, may give up their lives in certain circumstances.

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