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Does Nutrient Timing Matter? A Critical Look
Continuum of nutrient timing importance original schematic. Grabner W, et al. The Buzz About Nutrient Timing. Of course, both of these approaches have immense value. We like clients to think less about food decisions. In the book, the authors refer to three critical times of the day in which nutrient timing takes on a greater importance.

Nutrient timing — simplified

The Buzz About Nutrient Timing

Trying to figure it out while also managing my type 1 diabetes was a little more difficult, though. This book was easy to understand, and simplified the information I was looking for regarding meal timing and insulin manipulation.

By Frank Sursowetz on June 22, Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. In addition to covering nutrient timing this book also discusses diet in general. It also, goes in depth on the science of what is happening. Furthermore, it has a chapter where it talks about the difference kinds of proteins, what various supplements, vitamins, and minerals do. The dietary advice it provides explains how to gain lean muscle mass and minimal fat by using nutrient timing to make the macros you eat more efficient.

There's a lot of conflicting nutrition advice on the internet. It's nice having a book about nutrition that is written by a scientist and based on research evidence. The reason I give this four stars is because some of the information is not well explained.

While they tell you the amount of protein, carbs, and so on for the timed drinks they don't provide an actual recipe. I think it's easier to use gatorade powder than it is to measure out sugars, potassium, and sodium individually. The last drink is a protein shake. These descriptions are slightly over simplified. To figure out the portions you need to do some math or you need a scale to weigh the ingredients.

It's a really good book that answered a lot of diet questions I had. Vajda on September 15, I learned a lot from this book about nutrition and exercies. It explained things like glycemic index, fast twitch and slow twitch muscle types, anaerobic and aerobic exercise states very well. I have come across these elsewhere but I felt I really understood them after I finished this book.

It also documented well the various states your muscles go thru -during exercise, 45 minutes after excericse, and the period after that. By Rudolph Vidi on September 28, Author successfully negotiates NTS concepts between the worlds of academics to the practical applications of the strength athlete.

The chapters are well organized and follow logically to build upon the prior concepts. Author avoided the temptation to dwell on the research findings, yet provides an extensive biography for those who may desire more investigation on actual research findings, methodologies, and analysis.

By Aby Black on January 18, Its basically saying that if you take your workout supplements after you workout youll have better results than taking it 3 hours later.

Theres other good things to like it has a few pages on different things like protein and what it does and hormones and like testosterone.

This is a book aimed more for an experienced lifter. By EdgarOmar on May 17, Highly recommended for beginners. The information is simple and straightforward. By Troy Hollings on January 11, So, as all good reviews start, I have never written a review for a product on Amazon, but this book was so good I had to.

Ever since I first discovered weight training all I have cared about was gaining muscle. All my friends wanted to get "stronger" or the mythical, metrosexual "toned.

While this book would definitely be helpful for people looking to get "strong" or "toned", it is the first scientific take on how to gain muscle I have ever read. I took a kinesiolgy class in college, but everything we did was related to performance; my teacher couldn't conceptualize the idea that someone would just want to get super huge.

That being said, this book gives super in depth, scientific information on how to gain muscle. It talks about using different nutrients to create an anabolic environment in the body and really backs it up with scientific data.

I didn't know how powerful certain hormones like cortisol and insulin are, and how much of an effect they have on the body. I loved that Harry Potter books, but this book was even better.

If you are a fitness nerd, who has a basic understanding of bodybuilding nutrition, BUY this book and take it to the next level. Customers also viewed these items. New Functional Training for Sports-2nd Edition. The Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance. Where the book is weak, however, is the absence of what I consider practical advice on basically how to put the brakes on post-workout cortisol and catabasis by nutritional intake that I could immediately adopt.

I tried various recipes and mixtures of my usual post-workout whey protein supplement and turbinado over a number of weeks using the concepts the authors discussed, but there was nothing controlled about these experiments, so I can't say if what I was doing was good, bad or indifferent, which was frustrating.

So I've just gone back to my usual during and after workout cocktail of commercial ingredients - whey protein, creatine, glucosamine and BCAA's. Addendum - Since writing this review I have discovered "the brakes" - or at least what I think works for me - to post-workout cortisol and catabasis: I've tried several brands, but I've become hooked on Coco Libre, which you can buy in packs on Amazon or at most Costco locations.

A carton has 13g of sugar sugar from the coconut, there is no added sucrose or high fructose corn syrup which spikes my insulin enough, I feel, to offset to some degree the effects of cortisol.

It is by no means an exact science, at least as far as I can tell. A heavy legs workout with squats included will probably generate more cortisol than, say, one focusing solely on arms. Mar 10, An Te rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a practical book that indicates the importance of nutrient timing on the optimization of muscle and strength gain.

What I found most compelling was that this applies for both strength and endurance athletes. However, this is common sense. They do develop this for the strength athlete in mind with particular amino acids lending towards the promotion of protein synthesis and enhanced carbohydrate loading. I am not sure to where whether a strength athlete would benefit more from taking thes This is a practical book that indicates the importance of nutrient timing on the optimization of muscle and strength gain.

I am not sure to where whether a strength athlete would benefit more from taking these supplements than not. It is a trade-off you will have to take for yourself as the gains for the protein and carbohydrate supplements have been firmly evidenced over normal healthy whole-foods nutrition.

It is an effort to establish this regime with a full working day job. But I can imagine that a few months down the line, it will be more than worth it. And this book is well-written and persuasive in its tone. I commend this book for those both interested in becoming stronger athletes or for those interested in understanding their physique. Dec 03, Jason rated it it was amazing. Excellent source of information for those of you who are interested in the science of food and how our bodies use it.

Pair this book with any exercise physiology class and nutrition class you will be very well informed. This book has aided my pursuit and love of health, physical activity and well being.

I read this book well before I decided to become a Health and Fitness Teacher. Surprisingly I still remember a lot of the information I learned in this book Awesome read- I recommend it to any aspiring professional in the exercise world.

Nov 28, Jeff rated it it was amazing. This book discusses the timing of consuming specific nutrients in conjunction with your workouts for optimal recovery and improved body composition. An area I completely overlooked before reading this book, the timing of your nutrients could be beneficial and there are studies that provide evidence to the Authours' claims. John Ivy, who has extensive research on exercise and nutrition, provides supplemental advice throughout the book.

I would recommend this book to athletes, weight trainers This book discusses the timing of consuming specific nutrients in conjunction with your workouts for optimal recovery and improved body composition.

Oct 17, Troy Arris is currently reading it. Technical book on nutrients and the proper time to feed yourself before, during, and after a workout. All together I'm using them as reference material to build my food strategy - now if only I stick to the plan lol. Sep 30, Pete rated it liked it. I really like the information in this book when I started reading it.

The concepts of "when" and "what" to eat before, during, and after exercise were very good. Unfortunately, the concepts got slightly repetitive throughout the book and I think it could have been condensed into a smaller book or even web or magazine article. Just a solid supplement to any strength training program for endurance or muscle building. No sales pitches for products. Just how to get the right nutrients into your body to maximize your workout.

Aug 19, Ryan rated it did not like it. It's ok, seems like they just want to sell product. Dec 11, Blair Armstrong rated it really liked it.

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