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I received no apology or offer for replacement or reduction in price. Simple carbohydrates sometimes called simple sugars are found for example in table sugar, fruits, sweets, jams, soft drinks, fruit juices, honey, jellies and syrups. Share on Whatsapp Share. Now they say that I have to dispute with the credit card company. It was so nasty I took one bite and threw it in the garbage. I e-mailed the customer service supervisor letting her know that I am going to the BBB again and that I am very disappointed! Fair business practices go much farther than success.

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I told them not to send me the regular monthly because of the items I did not want in it. She said she would have it picked up since I cancelled it but made no mention of sending me the replacements items from the first delivery, bot to mention what the charges will be to my credit card.

Now she tells me she cannot place the pick up order because the compuets are not working and will not let her to it in. I need to call her back later when the computers are back up. How should I know when her computer will be fixed! I fear she is just putting me off. I need to get someone in there who will listen and resolve this mess.

I do not want ANY of their food ever again. It tastes awful too. I was dealing with all this when my husband died so that I could not call them as often or as timely as I normally would have. I do not like having to beg for decent customer service. Besides, I paid the full price and never received the replacement foods. I would rather get credit on my card then fight with them about getting replacement foods now.

Customer services from them gets a bad grade as far as I can see. I do not need the financial hastle as well as the aggravation when I am trying to pay for a funeral. I know about the bad food as a former client but there is no reason to substitute food causes it's from a warehouse. I got about half of my order. Problem being that 1- the company advertises the Pay as you go Program. But what they do not tell you is that first the total gets charged to your card and then-if you are approved- the separate entity lender pays it back to your card and then you pay the lender some monthly fee plus some HUGE percentage of monthly interest!

I was actually swelling up from Sodium intake! I was referred by a friend. I have to say, most of the food is not anything I would buy. I am not a big eater, nor do I use a lot of salt. The salt MG are high, too high if you ask me. It's based on a 2, calorie diet and I don't eat that much at all in one day. They substitued some items for things I didn't pick or want. I am a vegetarian and picked the veg diet, but do not like certain flavors, such as smoke or sausage and they sent me 4 boxes of pasta with vegetarian sausage.

I will not eat it. I love the scrambled eggs and think the ravioli's and lasagna are good. The one thing that I have noticed is I can eat this stuff and feel full.

I do not crave sweets as I once did and in a week I've lost 2 pounds. But if you ask me do you think you should buy it. I will say no, go to Weight Watchers and buy your own food at the grocery store, it works just as good. I was forgiving the 1st and 2nd time but the 3rd time, it was getting old AND I am getting billed for each of these missing orders!!!

Their RUDE cust service rep told me that they don't send notifications that things will be replaced nor do they let the customerknow there are things missing To me, that is a dishonest way of doing things and tehre is no telling how many people don't check their packages! I just got my next order. Well, needless to say, there was a replacement no big deal but again, there were items completely missing with no replacements and no courtesy letter advising to call in for replacements!

I e-mailed the customer service supervisor letting her know that I am going to the BBB again and that I am very disappointed! Also called in to customer service and my missing products are being shipped to me now. They put a hold on the money three weeks ahead of time without notifying you and create Overdraft Fees in your account. I was just charged My product doesn't ship until the This has caused a tremendous hardship on my budget.

The first entree tasted like spam with some sort of wierd seasoning, so I immediately cancelled future orders and returned the product.

I finally got through and got my return code. I returned the order and it was received by Nutrisystem on Jan I called a week ago and was told that nobody put in for the refund, but it would be processed immediately. Its now May 4th and I haven't received my money back. I think 4 months is long enough. I ate Burundy sauce and Beef with Rice and got food poisoning. QVC has a 30 day return guarantee.

You have to pay to ship stuff back, but even if you've sampled a bit and determined it's not to your liking, you can return it for a full refund including the shipping charges you paid for QVC to ship the order to you. If Nutrisystem "acts up" or doesn't send what it said it would, it will deal with QVC and not you.

Since this company represents thousands of buyers, it will have to give good service or lose its contract. You can pick smaller time frames including one week of "Italian Dinners" or "two weeks of desserts. Usually the addition of some frozen peas to a dinner entree fixes it up just fine. My complaint would be that there is too much sauce in the entrees. I don't know whether they need it as a preservative or whether it's just "make weight. I do find selling packages of cold cereal and breakfast bars rather much.

My complaint with the system as such is their making cheap choices in the name of "variety. I must agree that sometimes they blow the setup. They had a deal a year or so ago with "hamburgers" and "hotdogs" as well as "buns" which left much to be desired.

If on the QVC website you find something to your liking, it's worth the risk to order it. I've used it for emergency rations. I discovered that my local Albertson's stocks the snacks, many of which such as the soy chips are quite tasty. Nutrisystem remains a mixed bag. While there are some products of Nutrisystem that are edible.

The bulk of them are just plain awful. So after the first month, I decided to customize my order to select things I felt were edible. I placed a call to them and was advised that their policy is to substitute and they are not required to advise the customer. When I advised them that I was going to file a complaint with consumer affairs. I would strongly advise against dealing with this company. No one needs this type of hassle on a month to month basis. I was promised a free week of food which I did not receive even after several complaints to customer service.

I finally received the free week of food but it was awful. Everything in it was whatever no one else would eat. The food in general is absolutely horrible, it's inedible, that's why you lose weight. You're so sick from whatever they put in the food that you can't eat.

If it wasn't for the fact that you get to add a piece of fruit and a yogurt everyday I would not have gotten through even one week.

Calling customer service is a joke. I finally gave up. Everytime I received an order it was wrong. Then to add insult to injury I had to send it back at my expense! I finally demanded a refund then they ran me around for 4 weeks saying they never received my return package and asking me to send them shipping info.

I did that a total f 4 times, and still they claimed they couldn't find my return. After almost 6 weeks and me threatening to contact the Attorney General's office they finally 'found' my return. I had delivery confirmation stating it had been delivered 6 weeks earlier. I was overall pleased with how quickly the order was received.

I had some success, so I decided to order again, except this time I would Customize my order. When I received my order in March, I was missing items even though the sheet was identical to what I ordered. Much to my surprise, customer service blew me off like a lot of the customers on this site. I do plan to report them to the Better Business Bureau. No one contacted me that changes or substitutes would be placed in my order. My question is, why is it that every time I tried to call to cancel, the wait is extroadinarily long?

It wasn't that long when I placed the order or had questions about it. I called several times and waited up to 30 minutes or longer each time. This was, of course, after I chose the selection to cancel the order. Everything went quickly up until that point. Is this the usual practice when things are purchased through Nutri System? Needless to say, I feel a bit ripped off. At least of the first order which I am now stuck with.

I have to pay the exorbitant shipping to return the box that came in the meantime, while still trying to return the first order and cancel the monthly orders. Now I understand that the company may not be able to cancel this next order in time and I may possibly be stuck shipping this box back as well.

I'm sorry I didn't like the products, but that is the way it goes sometimes. I do, however, feel that I am entitled to at least being able to stop future shipments without having to pay to return them each time. Ideally, I would like to also be able to return the original order that I tried for so long to reach someone to authorize the return. I do not recommend giving your credit card number to this company.

They are quick to sell and slow to respond to complaints. You're better off buying Lean Cuisine at the grocery store. Some of the food is good, and some is just horrible. The counselors never contact you- that's a joke. I now have 2 months of the disgusting food I will never use. You could save money by just eating 1 granola bar for breakfast and 2 of the frozen diet meals for lunch and dinner from your local grocery store.

It would be a lot more tasty and less costly as well. Don't order NurtiSystem unless you have a lot of money to waste. I spent a great deal of time picking specific food items in each category breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack utilizing the "customized order" function. That's where my happiness ended. Because I am handicapped, I wasn't too happy with the overweight, over-sized package.

I injured my back trying to get it into my house. Shipping the items in two, or even three, packages would have been much more practical and customer-friendly. After recuperating somewhat from my injury, I opened the box. Inside I found a plethora of items that I did not order. A check of the packing list against my original "customized" order revealed that whoever packed the carton clearly did not pay ANY attention to my preferences. In addition to receiving 17 items that were NOT on my list, my package contained quantities that differed from what I'd selected for another 13 items.

And some items I'd chosen were missing altogether! For the most part, the packing list accurately reflected what was in the carton but it differed greatly from my list of choices. However, in a number of cases, the packing list was grossly inaccurate too.

However, I did not receive 4 cheese pizzas, nor did I receive the 3 cheese pizzas I'd ordered. Instead, I received 4 mushroom and pepper pizzas! When I contacted customer service about the errors in my order, I was told "no one has the luxury of picking their free items.

After 15 minutes on hold, I had to repeat my complaint 4 times before it was acknowledged. The response by the customer service person was "well, sometimes items are backordered so other items are substituted. I was then told "that can't be helped. Kathleen of Mayfield Hts. It took many phone calls and but finally someone said they would give me a coupon off my next order.

I was told it had not shipped because I had not paid for the last order which I had and explained this. They were very rude and told me to call another number. I called that number and spoke to another customer service representative who could have cared less and then I said I wanted to cancel.

I then had to call a third number and finally got a very pleasant customer service representative. She asked my why I was canceling and I explained. She told me she did not blame me, took my information, gave me a cancelation number and apologized. The system might have been working for me, but when you have a company that could not care less about any problems that may come up, that is a sign of a bad company and I will not do business with them again. I will be telling all my friends and family as well.

This is the worst business transaction experience I have had to date in my life. I received one order in January. I placed one order in January therefore I should only be charged once. I placed a call to NutriSystem and it was suggested I do not know how to read a credit card statement. However, given that my degree is in Finance I am quite sure of my ability to be able to distinguish the difference between a debit and credit. I called my credit card company and disputed the charge.

I faxed my credit card billing statement to NutriSystem. I was to receive a call back from NutriSystem and was never contacted. Again, I have one order being shipped. I faxed my credit card billing statement. I was to receive a call back but was never contacted. I called my credit card company and was told that NutriSystem is fighting the dispute. This makes no sense. One order each month, yet two charges each month. I immediately called NutriSystem and was told that my call would be returned quickly.

Again, that did not happen. My experience with NutriSystem has been so negative that I have reported my experience with family, friends, and co-workers currently on the program and those considering the program because of my success. Success alone does not influence. Fair business practices go much farther than success. If this is not corrected I plan to post my negative experiences on message boards, in our Medical School update, and as a last resort to the Better Business Bureau, and Chamber of Commerce where NutriSystem is locatecd.

I am not trying to receive a refund on the orders I have and will receive but simply on the over charges. Why is this so difficult? Everything is in black and white. Two orders, four charges. Course of action I would like to see take place. While writing this email I did receive a call back from the only Customer Service Representative that has been any help and I will hopefully receive a refund. However, it isn't redemption enough. I still plan to not order with NutriSystem again. Therefore, I am returning the order by UPS and expect a full refund.

My mistake, but I can not do this program. Placing the order was easy, that is where the easy ended. It took 15 days for my order to arrive. The Welcome pack was not included, after checking the order I found missing items. I tried to set up an appointment with someone, that was the biggest joke ever. I finally called the number to place new orders and spoke to someone, someone aactually answrs that number.

There was no help there either. When I called to cancel the next order and was asked why I explained and it was truly no big deal. I had faith in your system and was failed miserably. Will you do something about my complaints? I have very little faith in that. I decided I would like to select my foods rather than receive an assortment selected by nutrisystem.

My order arrived 3 days after placing it and most of the food items were incorrect. The packing slip indicated that the order inside was indeed the items that I had selected however that was not the case. I contacted customer service and explained that most of my order was wrong and that I would like to exchange the incorrect items for the ones I had originally selected.

I explained that I felt it was wrong to expect the customer to pay for Nutrisystems mistake and that if this was they way they operated I would have to seriously consider cancelling my membership. I received a reply from customer service indicating that they cancelled my membership and good bye. I have contacted Nutrisystem headquarters but as of 2 weeks I still have not had a reply.

This was a pay for 4 weeks and get 1 week free deal. He in turn specifically stated that if at any time I was not happy with the program I could return the remaining food and get a FULL refund.

Well, the food arrived. Some was very good, most was average, too many inedible. Many of the microwaveable foods exploded in my microwave at half power, when they say to use high power. The food plan that came with it never mentioned before lists all these additional foods you must buy in order to fulfill all your nutritional needs.

Now, this meant counting and weighing! They also send an exercise plan and some motivational garbage. I work out, hard, 4 days a week -- they can keep their plan. I'm way beyond that. Then you have to drink more water than today's guidelines tell you to. Well, I gained weight after four weeks, as I figured I would because they were telling me to eat about twice as much as I was eating before, while losing weight. So I called them and asked how to ship the remaining food back and get my refund.

I was told to make a list of the food I was returning, put it in the box, keep a copy for myself, and mail it back to them. Then I was told they would figure out how much it was worth and would refund back that amount. I repeated their promised guarantee of a full refund. The rep told me no, that is not what they meant! I asked how could I know if my shipping the food back would cost more than what I would receive from them.

I was told that I just couldn't tell. I'd have to wait and see. I called again and told Christian, my counselor, ext. I've never had a worse consumer experience. The ads are more than misleading. They are super speedy at sending billing invoices. It is nearly impossible, as I have found, to reach anyone. There are great it is a good idea in theory promises of having a counselor call and spend minutes with you to answer any questions and counsel you.

I was never able to speak to anyone and waited at home one afternoon for a session that never took place. At inception they say someone will call you within an allotted time. Well, I've been on the program for two months and no one has called. I tried to call customer service to have some issues with the billing cleared up and waited -- seriously -- over an hour to get a human being on the line. I had in the meantime emailed my questions, but I just wanted for curiosity's sake to see how long it would take for someone to respond to the call.

And there has been no response to my email. I am beginning to suspect that Nutrisystem in nothing but a large preservative-filled food factory with only one person handling phones and emails. If you are a person who can apportion your food yourself, do it. If you cannot, join for the minimum possible and begin to eat your own foods rather than spend the money on Nutrisystem.

You can buy healthier foods and go to your friends and family for support. Even if their support is. I was desperate to lose weight and loved the IDEA of their approach. Unfortunately, that does not exist. Only high-priced foods for sale. If you are desperate to lose weight and want Nutrisystem to be there for you, don't hold your breath. I was desperate to lose weight and thrilled at the idea and very motivated to have access to a diet system that could both provide food and answer questions and be there for me.

After all, I am paying aren't I? I gave up for a week until I realized that Nutrisystem may be a broken promise to me, but I am a big girl and will not break a promise to myself to lose weight. Having the gym in your home saves you money and time. Having the exercise equipment in your home makes this easier. The 30 Day Special Trial lets you try the Total Gym in the convenience of your home for 30 days with a preliminary solitary payment.

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