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Low Carb Meatball Casserole Recipe Instructions

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Crispy Keto Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops in the Air Fryer Instructions

Crispy Keto Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops in the Air Fryer

Combine all the ingredients except for the red sauce 2 cups cheese and fresh basil that is set aside for the casserole for the meatballs. I use my hands to mix all these ingredients. Use a small cookie scoop and make small meatballs all the same size Place the meatballs in a casserole dish and bake them for 15 to 20 minutes or until the meatballs are fully cooked.

Remove them from the oven and drain the grease. Top with the low carb red sauce and cheese and put them back in the oven. Bake for an additional 5 to 10 minutes until the cheese has fully melted. Serve with a side salad or over zoodles and enjoy! Too good for words. Your parmesan cheese is also the BOMB. Just wolfed this down for dinner — so delicious and super simple to make!

I subbed roasted broccoli and cauliflower and it was amazing. Perfect for a cold January night in New England! Thanks for being awesome, Dana! This alfredo has taken a spot in our regular rotation from here on. This was really good! My significant other omnivore ate it and no complaints! I am not sure if I made the wrong amount of pasta or just because I used a different kind, but I could have used a little more sauce especially for leftovers but others than that it was amazing and will make again!

Wow, this recipe is divine! My non-vegan mother went back for seconds. I dissolved the cornstarch into the milk and stirred constantly to prevent lumps [easier to prevent lumps than to take them out]. Adding this to my favorites. Looking forward to making it! I have tried many of your recipes and there are very few that I tweek. This is my favorite recipe of yours and one of my top favorite meals to make.

I would make it every day if my spouse let me. I make almost exclusively vegan meals and this was not good. Nothing to do with the the vegan aspect, more the putrid nutritional yeast overload. I made this dish tonight for my husband and I exactly as the recipe was written. Dana, your recipes are THE best.

Keep up the awesome work. Are there any good substitutes for the wine? I think the idea of using it sounds wonderful — so does the recipe! I just dont keep any around the house. Makes it much easier to work with what I have and adjust for personal preference.

You are by far my favorite food blog and Ive been following you for years now! Yum yum superior deliciousness! I doubled the garlic and subbed the almond milk with plain soy milk and it tasted amazing! Leftovers will be cherished for lunch tomorrow? Even my lb, iron-pumping, carnivore of a husband loved it!

Is there any way to sub the vegan parmesan? But of course he does not have any nooch or vegan cheese here… Any ideas? Recipe sounds amazing by the way!

You could just try subbing the nutritional yeast only? Or if you are not vegan, you could just use parmesan cheese? I made this last night and it was absolutely lovely.

However, the sauce turned out more bitter than anything else. Could it be because I subbed the olive oil for coconut and accidentally burned the garlic a bit? Or did I not simmer down the wine enough? It was wonderful and we devoured it anyway, but I am just curious if the bitterness is a part of it or if it was a mistake on my end. Thank you for another wonderful recipe to add to our dinners! All of the reasons listed may have contributed to the reason your sauce turned out more bitter than it should be!

Better luck next time though! I made this on the weekend, and again during the week. I have been searching for a ages for a go-to vegan white sauce.

I tried this recipe using cornstarch the first time, and arrowroot starch the second time. Both worked out very well. Thank you, Dana for never letting me down with your recipes! I love this receipe! And equally as much, I love your page. Everything is amazing, easy and beyond delicious. Thanks for the inspiration! I made this for the fam last night and it was a massive hit!

I loved how simple it was and the fact that I had most of the ingredients on hand. Amazing, stick to your ribs, eat seconds and thirds comfort food!! A recipe so easy that even after a long day I would rather make this than reach for my phone to order delivery. Thank you for saving my nught!! Last night I made eggplant roll-ups and tonight this Garlic Alfredo recipe!

However, rarely have I ventured into recipes involving vegan cheeses. These two recipes have proven how absolutely delicious a vegan lifestyle can be and my stomach feels much better compared to eating regular Alfredo. I feel so inspired and excited by your recipes. So far I like it best paired with asparagus and mushrooms! This is one of my favorite pasta recipes ever! One note, I always add more wine than the recipe calls for, ha. I am a meat eater, but omgosh.

This was SO good! Thank you for your amazing recipes. The flavors are always so on point. Flavourful is fantastic and I swirled a tablespoon of pesto through it for my 3 picky boys one who does not like anything cream-based at all including mayo but really liked this sauce!

I roasted green beans, drained cannellini beans and sliced mushrooms instead of Brussel sprouts and the textures were fab! We are not vegan, so I used dairy. The result was still fantastic. Also, thanks for including nutrition information.

We will definitely repeat! And I really enjoyed this one as well. I used plain soymilk instead of almond, and also Daiya vegan cheese and it was great. Plus I love Brussels sprouts! Very filling and delicious.

This is super tasty! Extremely straightforward and very tasty. This recipe was so easy and delicious. I never had brussels sprouts in pasta before, and it was a perfect addition. I was concerned it would not be enough sauce, but it was more than enough. Whipped up in less than thirty minutes, perfect for a busy mom like myself. I just made this and it was delicious! This meal was quick and easy had vegan parmesan already made.

But as for the recipe, amazing. Thank you honey for all the amazing recipes. You are helping me to transition to a meat and dairy-free life as well as getting me acquainted with GF cooking!

Now I have hope that she will become a vegan also…. Thank you Minimalist Baker! I made this the other night for my non-vegan daughter and son-in-law. I showed her the recipe beforehand, and she was on the fence but they were both willing to try. A good tip is to use the Barnivore app to see which white wine brands are vegan red wine is almost always vegan.

All the flavours were there… OH SO delicious…but….. I am confident it was something I did wrong and not the recipe but not quite sure what — maybe too much yeast? I am going to attempt making it again but this time — perfect it!!! Oh no — We are sorry to hear that! Did you change the recipe at all? If the sauce was left too long and reduced, that definitely could have been the problem. Better luck next time! Now that I look back at the recipe — I did use cornflour instead of cornstarch — could the be the reason?

And I probably left it too reduce too long. Also, what other veggies would best suit with this recipe? As for other veggies, asparagus would be a good addition! I just sent it to all my friends and told them they need to make it ASAP.

I have been looking for a nutritional yeast recipe to try and have to say that this one is amazing! The white wine and garlic flavor really come through and the texture of the sauce is fantastic. I did have to watch my sauce very closely when heating after blending, it went from very liquid to much thicker swiftly so take that into account while cooking. This recipe is absolutely delicious!

A great way to get a little B12 and super tasty! The flavors all marinated together perfectly and I will definitely be making again. I used brown gf rice noodles that I had on hand too so a double win! Thank you for always providing such wonderful recipes. Thank you thank you for sharing your passions, art and knowledge.

My toddler-daughter devours this as well. Thank you so much for this DF and nutrient-packed recipe! The mushrooms added a lot of really nice flavour. Also, re the parmesan cheese, I discovered that I was out of cashews, but the sauce still turned out great after omitting.

This was pretty good! I added a splash of white wine at the end to give it a bit more of a kick Will make it again! This recipe is brilliant , I added fried mushrooms instead of brussel sprouts , such a great base for any vegan pasta. Thanks a million I will use it many many more times.

Your sauce looks far too blonde to have that much nooch in it. I stopped at 1 T. Any more and I think it would have become nacho cheese also very delicious, just not what I want in a garlic wine sauce. A five star recipe either way. I would love to rate and comment this one t least 10 times! D it was so so delicious! Vegan for 2 weeks now and ate this one twice already: Hi, not sure if anyone mentioned this: I will make it again.

Thanks for all your great recipes! This was so delicious! The only thing that I did differently is that I added the cornstarch to half of the almond milk prior to adding them to the wine-garlic-olive oil mixture. I only did this because I tend to have better luck with cornstarch when I add it to a liquid prior to introducing it to the rest of the sauce ingredients. This Alfredo recipe was easy to follow, and it turned out to be so tasty! Thanks for another great recipe! This was insanely delicious!!!

My husband normally snubs his nose at Alfredo but he loved this!! I had leftovers for lunch today and loved it even more! Vegan parm is a game changer. Now I am going on a trip and want to make it again. Do you think the consistency would change dramatically if I make the sauce before I go, keep it refrigerated, and then reheat the sauce two days later on the stove?

Dana, I wonder if you might have a good tip for replacing the white wine? Can I use lemon or apple cider vinegar? I have fresh red grapes growing out in the garden too… By the way, my boyfriend made this for me on my birthday earlier this year and oh my was it delicious. Dying to have it again! Many people have used veggie broth as a replacement and have had success I would try that! The sauce was delicious. We substituted lots of sautéed mushrooms with Chardonnay and doubled the amount of sauce bc we make 1 lb of pasta.

Wine sauce was amazing! This was really good for a healthy and filling meal! The red pepper flakes were a must for me! As a newcomer to vegan cooking I have searched and tried quite a few vegan recipes, but I have never left a comment at any site until now. This is such a delicious, easy dairy free Alfredo sauce that I felt compelled to do so.

I made this last night and just finished leftovers for dinner tonight, which I think were even better. Thank you for making my new vegan lifestyle a delicious adventure! This was soooooooooo good. It took everything in me not to eat all of it. I made this, and it was my first time making an actual recipe. Definitely satisfied my alfredo craving. Made it exactly as written. I think roasted broccoli could be good in this dish also and I might try that next time.

I think this could fool non-vegans. Hi, this was delicious although next time I will cook the brussels sprouts rather than put them in the oven. We liked the sauce a lot! And I am sooo glad with the vegan parmesan cheese I made earlier this week! I also have a trick so that the sauce will not be lumpy: Then add all of it in one go and stir.

It will rise in your skillet and cook. You will get a smooth mixture directly. After that you can put extra milk or wine if it gets too thick etc. Wonderful and easy recipe! The second time I made it, I roasted broccoli instead of brussels. Also added tomato pasta to the sauce and it added some great flavor! I love making this dish and end up making it times a month! As someone knew to dairy-free life, this satisfies my cravings and is my new favorite dish.

My new favorite too! Thanks for the recipe! You guys, this was so, so good. I made it with half brown rice noodles and half zucchini noodles and it was so rich and satisfying without feeling guilty at all, I will be making this a lot around our house!

I made this recipe tonight for dinner. My husband and I loved, loved, loved it! It tasted like real fettuccini alfredo. Thank you for such a nice recipe. It will be a regular in our house. This dish really hits the spot.

I will definitely be making this again! I used different vegetables but it was wonderfully delicious and easy to make. I followed the recipe with no changes and this dish is delicious! So creamy, rich and filling. My husband asked for seconds, always a good sign!

I thought this was going to be delicious i dont know what went wrong. It just tasted like straight up almond milk. I used exact measurements for everything even added more parm. Still delicious in You can skip the blending if you mix the starch with a little bit of water stir until smooth before adding it.

I will be making this again…and again! So I was super hesitant to make this one, but I went ahead anyways. Not sure what went right but it thickened up perfectly! I think blending it was a really great idea that helped make it super smooth. This was so good I almost cried, I will definitely be using this as my go to pasta sauce when I crave something rich.

Whole wheat pasta and a pound of brussel sprouts are filling!! I just made this! Wow, it was incredible, like soooooo good. Make expensive meats go further with some help from additional protein-rich ingredients, such as tender French lentils. Spice up this savory soup with a smoky blend of cumin and cayenne for a flavorful and inexpensive healthy meal.

Two pans and 20 minutes later, a serving of this tasty low-sodium dish fulfills 20 percent of your daily iron requirement. You likely have most of the ingredients on hand, saving you gas money from a grocery trip. Grab prewashed packaged spinach to make meal prep even faster. Even though the package says it's washed, be sure to rinse the spinach in a colander before using. Turn a classic pork chop into a tangy, tropical meal. Orange marmalade creates a mouthwatering and easy!

Grilled pineapple slices on the side lend their bold sweetness to this new grill-season favorite. Try our healthy vegetarian version of your favorite stroganoff for a new low-cal take on the classic.

Our light cream sauce goes well with flat, long pastas, so try swapping fettuccine or tagliatelle for the pappardelle. Just choose whatever's on sale to stick with the cheap-meal theme. Just as rich—and twice as nutritious—as traditional lasagna, this veggie-packed version has only calories per serving.

We swapped veggies for red meat but kept all the cheeses you love for a healthy meal idea. Make healthy veggies delicious with the addition of butter, herbs, and cheese. There's also lean chicken and heart-healthy walnuts for a hearty and healthy budget meal.

Soups often make cheap meal ideas! Preparing a delicious and healthy meal is a breeze with our quick shrimp bisque recipe. In just 25 minutes, you can create a savory seafood dinner full of warm, succulent shrimp. When you need a cheap quick meal, it's time for a stir-fry. The prechopped packaged frozen vegetables save time in the kitchen and keep you on budget without losing any of the nutrition.

Lighten the meal even more by opting for low-cal bottled plum sauce and low-sodium soy sauce. Win over your dinner crowd with this scrumptious chicken noodle casserole. For a crispy topper, simply combine pieces of fresh bread, chopped onion, and celery instead of the usual high-cal fried onion mix. All the cozy, bubbly comfort makes for one of our favorite healthy recipes for dinner.

With just four ingredients and minimal prep, you'll be able to quickly pull together a hearty, beefy Sunday stew. It's low in fat and has only calories per serving. Enjoy a dine-out experience at home with our favorite Italian pasta dish, complete with succulent shrimp and spinach tossed in a zesty lemon-garlic sauce. The easy-to-find ingredients help keep this a healthy cheap meal. Yes, you can enjoy meat while making inexpensive healthy dinners. Give classic French dip sandwiches a makeover with green peppers, onions, and lean meat.

For a healthy boost, we recommend using reduced-sodium beef broth instead of the original. Mac and cheese probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of healthy dinner ideas, but when you use whole grain pasta, broccoli, carrots, and reduced-fat cheese, it becomes a nutritious and cheap recipe.

Sprinkled with zesty lemon juice and coated in fresh herbs and savory seasonings, our sophisticated salmon dinner is a real catch. Plus, salmon is low in fat, high in protein, and full of great flavor.

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