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Xanthan Gum is made by fermenting corn sugar with a bacteria, the same bacteria that creates black spots on broccoli and cauliflower. Kelsey — February 26, The texture was just amazing. Does anyone else know? This means it contains plenty of calories that will give you lots of energy for your activities. Remove from the baking pan and cool muffins on a wire rack until cool. Peanut butter energy bites.

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I ended up making it with chia seeds instead and it still turned out pretty tasty! So, I wrote to Dana and she said use any milk you can get your hands on and just omit the chia seeds or use flax seeds instead.

I had tried overnight oats once before about 15 years ago and it was nothing but sugar and milk and oats and very thin and just disgusting. This was nothing like that was. This was thick, and rich and creamy and full of flavor and the peanut butter was the perfect addition to the whole thing!

I made 2 double serving glasses and my husband and I were both scraping our glasses down to the last drop of oats and creamy peanut butter!

We will definately have this at least once a week or more at our house! Thanks so much Dana, we needed a deliciously satisfying and simple breakfast that was cold, to lighten up our wake up to the hot hot Mexican sun mornings.

Hi there, I used fresh cows milk from the mor ings milking and it was great! Dana said use any milk you can get your hands on! I just started chemotherapy for breast cancer and am having a really rough time. I have realized two things, the thought of meat turns my stomach and I need plenty of protein, fiber and easy to digest healthy food.

What to do; chia seeds, legumes and nut butters! I plan to try both these recipes. I have barely begun to scratch the surface of your blog, but had to take the time to send this email before looking over more recipes. I hope you LOVE the recipes, especially this one. A little food always brings comfort. Thanks for the recipe. I am constantly working so need a quick breakfast fix. Just tried overnight oats for the first time this morning!! I just moved to AZ from VA and I already miss the beautiful fall colors and pumpkin festivals from back east.

These overnight oats are among my favorite breakfast recipes! I take the train and love that this breakfast is simple to pack and completely ready when I arrive. As an alternative to the maple syrup, I like starting an overnight thaw of frozen green figs and berries.

I chop the figs and add in the morning. Had these this morning and they were amazing! My 16 year old daughter liked them as well. I am definitely adding them to our breakfast rotation. Thank you for an awesome recipe! This was the perfect breakfast! I love that I can make it a couple of jars ahead of time and have it ready for busy morning.

Oh my days was this delicious! Wow, this is amazing! Thank you so much for this recipe…it tastes delish and helps me get a healthy breakfast in while getting my two littles ready for school.

Have made this 4 times now…. My only criticism for this recipe is that everything should be doubled off the bat because I was craving more immediately! I love this recipe and make it all the time! I personally like it even better when the sugar is swapped for mashed ripe banana. I was wondering if I made these in batches for the week, would I be able to freeze them? But if you try it, let me know how it goes!

Silly question but do I need to cook the oats first or is that the point of allowing them the 6 hours in the fridge?

One question — can I make a smoothie of this thing after soaking overnight? It would be awesome having a on-the-go breakfast. This was absolutely delicious!

My 5 year old loves oatmeal. I wanted a better alternative than the instant oatmeal I had been preparing. He loves Chia seeds as well. I topped the oatmeal off with some homemade granola. Making this right now! Nice change from the Bircher Muesli I usually make. I use milk, vanilla yogurt, Peanut butter, oats, Chia seeds, a mashed banana and a touch of cinnamon. Another good recipe includes oats, milk, Chia seeds, vanilla yogurt, crushed almonds and coconut flakes….

I really like PB, so I add around 3 tbsp to mine. Where have you been all my life! I love your recipes!! Going to try this one!! Looks so tasty, and anything with peanut butter in has my vote! I like to add honey and cinnamon to my overnight oats too: I have had overnight oats but never like this, you just made my day better!! I cant wait to try as many recipes as I can of yours!!! First time ever trying and making overnight oats , and they came out amazing!

I have just made these for the first time…. Ok this was one of the best things I have eaten…. My husband wants me to make him one tomorrow… Thanks for the recipe…it is certainly a keeper and one I can see making often. By far the best overnight oatmeal I have made.

The ratio of ingredients along with the peanut butter is just right. My hubby likes it too. Anything that gives me an extra 15 minutes in bed is a winner in my book.

And if I want an extra half an hour in bed, I take them to work with me! Not only is this recipe delicious, it is a really hearty and healthy post workout breakfast. Plus it is easy to put together. I really enjoy a banana with my overnight oats- and I do not heat this when I eat it for breakfast. I brought it to a mandatory class that I was not too happy about but wow, was I SO happy during that class!

My classmate thought it was amazing too: I used old-fashioned oats and it was fine. Thank you so much for sharing this! This was my first time making or eating Overnight Oats. I thought your recipe was the perfect amount of sweetness, and I loved the Peanut Butter for additional protein.

The additional Chia seeds for added nutrition… extra bonus! Your sister is lucky to have you! This sounds amazing, but I have maybe a strange question. I am doing a Daniel fast in January and it says no sweets of any kind including honey. Do you think this would still turn out okay without the honey. I love this site and my family loves more cuz I cook from it. Added cloves and nutmeg cinnamon was so good heaven. Even my picky foodie husband was raving about them.

I had to use flax seeds since the store was sold out of chia- they were pretty great in there- added a little crunch! I also threw in a little granola with raw almonds… So yum! Defintely will be sharing this recipe with friends. I wake up early and usually run out the door with coffee, yogurt, maybe some fruit, and then am starving by mid morning. I used steel cut oats and doubled the almond milk—softens them enough and I like the chewiness.

I found this recipe on Pinterest and just made it for this morning and it is SO delicious! I used almond butter and hemp milk as substitutes and it turned out to be so yummy. I had this for breakfast this morning and it was delicious! I used plain soy milk and agave instead of the almond milk and maple syrup since soy has more protein that almond and agave is a slower digesting sugar than maple. It turned out delish and I loved having the swirls of peanut butter throughout!

This recipe is so easy and the options to modify it are kind of endless! I added some oat bran, coconut butter, and raisins and substituted almond butter and cashew butter for the peanut butter and they are absolutely delectable! At least, as breakfast is concerned. This is my very first over night oats.. I just made two small jars of these though and can not wait to try them in the morning! Thanks for the easy and delicious idea: I just found your site and signed up for emails and I am so anxious to check your recipes and tips out!

We just got into the overnight oats a few months ago and enjoy it on an almost every day basis! We love the creamscicle , Eggnog, and many many others and to find a PB one is awesome! Thank you so very much for this and all to come!

The PB overnight oats was delicious!!! Can wait to try out more recipes!! I added more milk in the morning and a banana on top. Hello, definitely going to make this tonight for tomorrow! So excited because I absolutely love everything in this jar!

Thank you for sharing: The proportions are perfect, the chia seeds add a lovely texture, and the peanut butter swirls in each bite…come on. This is so yummy-I crave it in the morning! I was worried that it would not be filling enough as you note the images are mostly a double recipe , but I was very full and satisfied!

I make it with original soy milk more protein. Thanks for another great recipe and a big time-saver! How have I not discovered your website and this recipe before now! This breakfast made Monday morning tolerable today!!! I finally made this and it is so yummy and satisfying! It was just as good as cookie dough!!

I topped mine with banana slices and scarfed it down. Thank you for the recipe. My husband even loved it, and he is not usually a fan of overnight oats. I followed the recipe exactly and even topped with a few banana slices before I put in the fridge to make it completely grab and go before work.

I have tried a few different recipes for over night oats and this wins my vote! I did a little less maple syrup and added more fruit on top and….. So glad I found this and I will be sending this to my busy , mother of 2. I love this recipe! I had a ton of oatmeal in stock both long cooking and steel cut and the overnight oats concept is finally getting me to eat the stuff I always buy for health and never eat because I never liked the traditional cooking method -blah. I tend to make days worth of this recipe so that I have several mornings worth of breakfast I can eat at my desk.

It works but makes it really sticky. If you go that route you will likely want to add more milk before or after heating! Worked well for a wintery morning. I have your sweet potato and roasted chickpea salad or buddah bowl for lunch frequently, and have tried all your soups, stews and casseroles.

I make your hummus weekly, and your tahini dressing is an absolute staple in my diet. To sum it up…basically my entire diet comes from minimalist baker! Your website is bookmarked on my computer.

This was so delicious. I am mother of 4 my youngest a three-month-old and A 2 year old. I barely have time to make myself breakfast. Lately this overnight oatmeal has really hit the spot. It is delicious healthy and so yummy in my tummy. I even make it for my husband in the mornings before he heads off to work. He grabs it and takes it along with him to work. I asked them so how was it? Now I make it for him almost every morning.

This looks amazing, thanks for sharing! This looks amazing but we are a peanut free house for some taste, for other allergies. I would think any other nut butter would work. So easy to make and saves us so much time in the morning. No more spending forever trying to figure out what to make for breakfast, and a nice change from the usual eggs.

This recipe tastes good and is really easy but there was too much peanut butter for me personally. Next time I will try half the PB and maybe mashing up a banana in it instead. This is the first time I have tried overnight oats though and I really like the texture and Having cold oatmeal. Will be experimenting more for sure! I have always wanted to try overnight oats and the other day all the stars lined up right so I managed to put them together…. Thanks so much for the awesome recipe! I added honey and topped it of with granolas and bananas..

It is so delicious! Thank you so much for this recipe. Definitely making it again: I used cashew butter instead of peanut and used chocolate soy milk instead of almond. These were delicious and so easy! I made them a few times a couple of months ago and now my husband keeps asking me to make them again so we can enjoy them for breakfast. So easy and tasty!! This will be a regular recipe in my house! I topped mine with banana and blueberries. I also really like how filling they are.

Thanks for this amazing recipe! It was my first overnight oats attempt and I have to say I was a little skeptical. This recipe gave me the courage to try overnight oats because I know your recipes are always good.

So I made this, with sliced banana on the top which I mixed in in the morning, and it was delicious! I grabbed it and took it to work and ate it at my desk, so it had lost a little bit of the chill before eating, and it was not icky at all. This gave me the courage to play around with overnight oats. Blueberries on top, mixed in this morning. So happy to have found an easy, tasty, protein-rich breakfast. My version did have like calories, which is fine for me but might be too much for breakfast for some people.

This was sooo good, thank you! I think I liked this one because of the salty peanut butter. I use natural peanut butter so I added salt and that made all the difference! Just put these in the fridge!! First attempt at over night oats. I added a pinch of salt and cinnamon… It reminds me of your pb granola which I love and make monthly. I may have taken a couple bites of it before I put it in the fridge! Thank you so so much for this recipe.

Of all the things I could miss, this was what I missed most! I have eaten this for breakfast almost every day since I first saw this recipe two months ago. My partner tried it too, and now we both eat it. I love that it keeps me full until lunch! I was a chronic mid-morning snacker until this came along. I made these last night and enjoyed them at work this morning, delicious!

I went for the almond butter option and it turned out wonderfully. A great option for those 7am meeting mornings…. My first time making overnight oats and my first time on your site. The recipe is quick and delicious not a fan of chia so left that out! Nice surprise, will be back to check out more recipes. I now have one a day as a meal substitute. They are filling and tasty. I prefer a looser texture so have upped the milk ratio to chai seeds. After some variations, my favourite is:.

Soya milk — half a large wine glass. Teaspoon of chai seeds 2 x teaspoons of flax seeds. Dash of maple syrup. Tablespoon of chopped nuts. Tablespoon of peanut butter. All topped with slices of banana. Thanks for a great start to my day! These oats are amazing! Thanks again Dana for all the great ideas! My husband wanted me to eat something other than yoghurt and berries for breakfast for a while, just to get some variation nutrition wise, but yoghurt and berries are so easy and I had such a hard time coming up with something easy to eat and quick to make without added sugar.

Well, this recipe is just about perfect. I leave out the sweetener since I use organic cows milk which has a sweet taste in and by itself since it contains natural sugars and serve it with strawberries or bananas. I do add a little extra milk to make it a bit less stiff, but overall, perfect. Ok, this was just amazing!

Needless to say it ended up replacing their lunch. We actually prefer eating right away versus having it sit overnight. Si instead, I mix my dry ingredients and have them ready for adding almond milk and other additions in the morning, or I suppose you could do vice versa.. This oatmeal is delicious.

This is the first time I tried making overnight oats and we love it. My 18 month old tears it up! Thank you for another great recipe! This recipe was amazing! I had it for the first time this morning — it reminded me of drinking a peanut butter milk shake! I will definitely be making this all the time! How can you increase the amount of protein in this dish without increasing the number of calories?

I made this with chocolate pb powder instead of regular pb. It was soooo good. Like so good that it became light night oats instead of overnight oats!

Thanks so much for this recipe it looks great, can I ask would you recommend this recipe as something to eat daily when you are trying to lose weight? That depends on your activity level and body type. For someone who is very active this is good. But for someone with an office job doing a lot of sitting, maybe something lighter would be better. This is an awesome recipe! They both work well I just prefer the powder.

Thanks for sharing the recipe. Very tasty for my first attempt at overnight oats. If you love peanut butter, this is great, if you like it like I do maybe knock off a tsp of the peanut butter in there.

I will definitely be making this again and be using it as my base for future overnight oat experiments. Wow, that was just amazing! Feels like having a healthy Snickers bar for breakfast, only a million times better.

Perfect taste and so comforting after a good morning run! Anyway I have a big crush on peanut butter, and it really gives all it has in this recipe: Made this last night as my introduction to using chia seeds and I absolutely loved it as did my husband! I made it as per the recipe but am thinking of trying it with banana next time instead of the peanut butter just for something different. Loved it as is though! Easy grab and go in the morning! I had it topped with fresh strawberries and some ground flax seed.

Just sent the recipe to a friend! Then this morning i topped with a few coco nibs and shredded unsweetened coconut. Definitely worth a try if you enjoy something with a little chocolate and coconut! The taste reminds me of the no bake peanut butter oatmeal cookies even without the cocoa powder. Thank you for this keeper. I will share this with everyone. These oats are delicious. This has become my go to breakfast for me and my son.

It is so filling that I am not looking for a mid-morning snack. Super easy to put together the night before!. Made these for my hard working husband, he leaves at 3 am for work. Report back, yummy, filling, they past the taste test.

Made overnight oats once before and they were kinda awful my greek yogurt did not jive well with the oats. However, this recipe is fantastic! Still super delicious and the chia seeds really make the texture even better. I made this last night and am eating this morning in front of my computer at work.

This is yummy and filling! I usually have hot oatmeal but was surprised that the cold oatmeal is good too. I think this would be perfect for an on-the-go meal if you have to get off to work and hop on a train or if you were traveling. I used coconut milk instead. Mine came out super thick, and I enjoyed them, but a little more liquid I think would be better.

I found that the end result is a bit too rich for me, but with some fruit topping looking at you strawberries it is the perfect balance. It is quite nice for a post workout snack and if you worked really hard just add some protein powder. My one tip for making this: After combining the milk, PB, and maple syrup, microwave them in a container for increments of seconds until the PB is melted. It helps the PB mix in with everything else. I really enjoy this recipe.

It tastes great and is so filling. If I forgot to make it the night before or just want a quick, last-minute breakfast, I will put all the ingredients in the blender, add the banana and some ice and drink it as a smoothie. I needed a new mid-morning snack for work and so I gave this a try!

I reduced the PB to 1 Tbsp and the maple syrup to only 1 tsp since its just a pre-workout snack for me. Then I added a dollop of Blackberry Jam on top!! Definitely a great recipe! These are so easy to prepare and are so good, it makes me look forward to getting up in the mornings!

Others left comments saying that they tried this out with steel cut! If you try it, let me know how it turns out! This looks sooo yummy. Cant wait to try it out: What size of jar do you use for a single portion and are the quantities in this recipe made for one portion or two?

Your recipe sounds AWESOME, especially since you use actual peanut butter so sick of the peanut flour trend and wholesome ingredients, as always.

I LOVE this recipe!!! BUT I forgot to stop and get milk today! Do you think it would be ok to use water? Love your recipes and this one looks just as delicious as the rest but… calories for breakfast? I cannot afford it: Quite often, focusing on calories often means we restrict healthy foods! This especially happens when it comes to fat. We often omit higher fat foods simply because they are higher in calories without taking into consideration what benefits we might get from them, such as staying fuller for longer hangry much?

So I urge you to not get too caught up in the calorie count! Omg these are life-changing! Maybe it was the flavor? But the peanut butter really makes these things amazing! I warmed mine up and it was like eating warm and gooey peanut butter goodness. Tastes like cookies for breakfast, but not so sweet that it will make your tummy hurt. Thanks for such a yummy, easy breakfast recipe! I made this last night and ate it this am with my toddler.

I wish I had made more! It was seriously delicious!! Made for the first time and am writing this as I glance at my empty bowl.

This was very tasty and satisfying. I followed the recipe with the exception of using walnut milk. Topped the bowl with berries, coconut, a little granola and a dash of cinnamon. Thanks for the recipe, will make again. This recipe looks amazing! Just wondering, anyone have experience using peanut butter powder such as PB2 in place of the peanut butter? This might actually be my favourite homemade breakfast ever!

I make it every Friday night to eat after my long run the next morning. Peanut butter and apple might be one of the most underrated pairings. I added half a teaspoon of cocoa powder….. Also, I only had steel cut oats and it was good.

Perhaps skip the peanut butter and maple syrup, add a scoop of protein powder, and reduce the amount of oats? I Ann new to overnight oats. Are the Chia era necessary.

One of my absolute favorite breakfasts and my kids love it too! This is my go to overnight oats recipe. I only use 1tbsp of the natural peanut butter or sometimes sub raw almond butter. So easy to throw together while I am getting supper ready and grab from the fridge on my way out the door in the morning. I tried this for Monday morning and added a scoop of Greek yogurt in top with some strawberries, raspberries and sunflower seeds and it was so good!

Instead of using sweetener I use half a banana mashed up and it adds just the right amount of sweet. This was a great recipe. The oats looked a little dry in the morning but tasted great. I like the addition of Chia, gives it a good texture. My only mod would likely be to cut the amount of PB in half, I think it was a bit much for 1 person in the AM. This is a great recipe. I changed up the butters and sweet ingredients to get different options. Currently eating a Peach Cobbler concoction with sunbutter kept the maple and peach fruit spread as a topping.

I have a Nutella and Strawberry one in the frig for tomorrow. This was so awesome! I had never tried overnight oats before and so I was kind of worried about how it would taste. Instant to-go breakfast the next morning. I brought it to work with me and it was perfect to eat while doing work — and so tasty and filling!

I have experimented A LOT with overnight oats. Proof that simple sometimes really is best. I make this recipe all the time and I love to top with strawberries and ground flaxseed.

The swirls of peanut butter are absolutely heavenly. Thank you for the great recipe! I like it better w Almond Butter.. I also replace maple syrup w honey. I was super pleased with the results, although I did add a tiny bit more almond milk after about 4 hours because the mixture looked a little dry despite having pushed the oats into the milk mixture like the recipe states. I will definitely be making this again though!

Tried this last night made 1 extra. Loved it and ate the extra one for dinner! Already made a second batch for tomorrow. It is my new favorite food jam. It was especially good with Almond-Coconut blend milk! I love this recipe and make it at least once a week. If so for how long and at what temperature?

I really love all your recipes! I feel full and ready to get my day on. I def recommend with strawberries!! Thanks for the recipe but does it really contain almost 15g of sugar?? Where is all the sugar coming from? The maple syrup and peanut butter both have sugars. If you are worried about your sugar intake, you could leave out the syrup. I use unsweetened PB at home only so it must bring that count down at least a bit: You can use quick oats, your oats will just be softer.

Yes you are correct do not cook them prior to soaking them overnight! I woke this morning super excited that this yumminess was in my fridge and I am enjoying it as I type this!! Delicious in every aspect and sooooo creamy!! I just made these overnight oats last night my first time doing overnight oats at all and I was skeptical, because of the few ingredients and small ish looking mason jar I had, and I must say I was pleasantly suprised this morning when I ate them, and it filled me up AND it was delicious!

I used agave maple blend syrup and regular old skippy chunky peanut butter that is what I had on hand: Will make again, especially for my husband who is always rushing to get out in the morning before work, and eats oatmeal and blueberries every day.

It definitley makes oatmeal not quite as boring. Will try other recipes too. It is midnight and I am up making these overnight oats, because I forgot my little boy requested this for his birthday breakfast. My whole family loves these oats and that says a lot with my picky eaters.

Thank you so much for the recipe! We tried a different recipe a few days ago with more chia seeds and no peanut butter and it was so bland.

This bowl is amazing, the peanut butter pieces you get every few mouthfuls are great. Might have found a way to get my partner to eat breakfast! Thanks for the tasty recipe!

I used chocolate almond milk and almond butter. It tasted like an oatmeal no bake cookie!! Even my no eating oatmeal husband said it was tasty and asked how I made it!! I added some walnuts, raspberries and blueberries to top it off! This recipe was perfect!!

I made a few changes based on what i hand on hand and since I am watching my sugar intake. I used coconut milk instead of almond milk, used dark brown sugar instead of the maple syrup and added blueberries! I think this will be my go-to breakfast!

Thank you so much for sharing! A great recipe to make mornings easier! Soaking the oats in it seems to intensify the banana flavor too. You have saved my breakfast! Currently studying abroad in Shanghai, China and have been struggling to stay vegan over here since they cook a lot of vegetables in animal fat: Finally managed to convince my stay at home mom to let me make my own food, so I searched the local foreign food market and was able to find all these ingredient minus Chia Seeds and make this one morning.

I am definitely making this one again. I love being able to make portions like this, otherwise I end up eating the whole shabang myself! I found this recipe while searching for a tasty, single-serving way to use up a banana, and I was not disappointed! This will definitely be my new go-to for those pesky cravings.

Thank you so much for sharing! Glad you liked it Eileen. Like you, I have often been disappointed by either the flavour or texture of mug cakes, but this is so perfect — just like a moist chocolate cake from the oven!

And Wow those mug cakes are so tempting! Happy Birthday once again Richa!!! I love Mug Cakes.. Your email address will not be published. Instructions In a large mug whisk together flour, sugar, cocoa powder and baking soda till combined.

Add the mashed banana, milk, oil and peanut butter to the bowl and mix well. Microwave on high for up to a minute or minute and a half. The duration will depend on your microwave. I recommend you start checking after a minute and then microwave in bursts of 15 seconds.

Notes I use small tea cups for mug cakes and this batter can be easily divided between them. However, if you are using a large mug, there is no need to divide the batter Feel free to substitute whole milk for coconut milk, soy milk or any other plant based milk to make this banana peanut butter chocolate mug cake vegan.

Comments I have tried multiple mug cake recipes and this is by far the best one. Can you sub the norm flour for almond flour i need to know as soon as possible. The texture and taste are just nice.

Haha happens to everyone Erica! Which is why this Mug Cake is so awesome.

Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie