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He also treats other ailments like acid reflux and stress. The amount insurance covers depends on the insurer and what the health provider accepts. I go to the doctor about once every two years, and it rarely costs me over dollars. After a couple of treatments with Dr. If we have a healthy year, we save the amount in our HSA and pay premiums for the security insurance provides. In the interim, you may have access to features that help you cover the out-of-pocket expenses associated with prescriptions that fall within the donut hole. DBT has been proved to treat several disorders that co-occur with addiction, including:

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I had to have surgery to repair my tricep. An injury like this takes around 6 months to a year to fully recover. After 19 staples and weeks of extremely painful physical therapy my elbow was not improving as it should. The pain was worse than pre operation. After six weeks, I only had 20 degrees of extension and degrees of flexion which was very painful. My right arm is at 0 degrees of extension and degrees of flexion which is normal. At the 6 week follow up with the surgeon, he noted that I was not improving so he ordered more PT and told me to enter pain management.

My arm was very stiff, swollen and not to mention still very painful. The very next PT session the therapists pushed my elbow much harder and the pain was just not tolerable. I was in tears and grabbed the therapist's hand and told her to stop I cannot take the pain. I left PT and drove straight to Dr.

Jason's office praying he would be able to help with a much more severe injury. After only a few visits to Dr. Jason the physical therapist noticed a huge improvement and PT was not as painful after adding acupuncture. I did not go to pain management as the surgeon instructed. I continued PT twice a week for a few more weeks along with acupuncture 2 to 3 times a week. Once I added acupuncture to my rehab, I began to improve rapidly.

At the 10 week point my elbow improved to 3 degrees of extension and degrees of flexion. The severe pain was gone. The 10 week follow up with the surgeon was a good visit. The surgeon was very impressed with my progress from the 6 week follow up. I told the surgeon that I added acupuncture to the program and that I did not go to pain management as instructed. The surgeon told me whatever I was doing to continue and that I was on the way to a full recovery.

After the 10 week follow up with the surgeon I stopped going to physical therapy. I have continued the exercises on my own and continued to go to acupuncture a couple times a week.

It has been 16 weeks since the surgery and I am very close to a full recovery. I continue to go to acupuncture once a week along with strength exercises daily. I can honestly say without Dr. Jason's help I would not be recovering and feeling better. Jason is a true healer. Neuropathy and venous insufficiency Tue, November 3, After just a few treatments, Jason C. Zhang has given me a brand new outlook. The extreme burning, stinging and stabbing pains have eased dramatically, the discoloration is much paler and the swelling has dramatically decreased.

Upon learning I also had lower back problems, he started treating that and I will be forever grateful. Jason has a compassionate attitude, is gentle and truly cares about his patients. There are no words to express my gratitude for what he has already done for me and we're not through yet. I highly recommend him to family, friends and total strangers. Thumb Tenosynovitis trigger thumb. Bye, My wrist brace!!!

My low back pain is gone. Relieves your pain without drugs Tue, August 25, 8: The results for us have been very good. It relieves your pain without drugs. A great massage follows acupuncture. It all works together to make you feel like a new person and be able to do the things you like to do.

She speaks wonders of Jason. I took my son which he is 2 yrs old. He was suffering from wheezing in his chest and common cold and cough. I was tired of taking him to the Dr. Decided to take him in with Jason, after a couple of sessions my son was better in a couple of days a lot quicker than waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. Thanks Jason and your team are so nice and wonderful to my son.

I will see you guys soon. Chronic Pain Thu, January 22, Neuropathy in both legs and feet , arthritis , causing inflammation in my back,shoulders and neck. Stressed out with it all,being handed another bottle of pills with side affects galore, I was more than ready for something that would be a more natural approach,that would actually work. Dr Jason with his abundant of knowledge and his ability to treat with acupuncture has set me free from pain.

I get up in the morning,looking forward to a more productive day. Jason,you have calmed my spirit and put a lot more "pep in my step"! When I started Dr. Jason's wonderful Acupuncture Weight Loss Program on January 1, , I was overweight to the point of being obese and I had problems with high blood pressure and rapidly rising bad cholesterol. My knees were starting to ache, had a low enery level and very little self esteem.

My decision to do Dr. Jason's weight loss program was the best decision I have ever made. I'm sure when my blood work is repeated in June , my cholesterol will have also improved from my past results in December before I started the weight loss plan. I highly recommend Dr. Jason's Weight Loss Program as I have tried almost all other programs and fad diets without success in the past. Jason's program treats the whole person Mind, Body, and Spirit and for me, it is a Blessing to be treated by such an experienced, talented, warm and compasionate Doctor.

I am still receiving treatment and will update again when I reach my goal weight. If you want to try a weight loss program that really works and treats your whole body Jason's program a try. If you follow his acupuncture treatment program and expert advice, you can lose weight and greatly improve your health and feel wonderful. Jason, from the bottom of my heart Cangren Zhang aka Jason has well over thirty years of medical experience and has trained and worked along with several world renowned medical acupuncturists back in China.

Having earned his western medicine degree in China, Dr. Zhang has a greater understanding of the patient's needs which he is able to incorporate in his TCM practice. I have been suffering with chronic pain in my lower and upper back , shoulders and the neck. The location and the intensity of my pain vary. Zhang recommended a treatment plan, which I accepted due to his high credentials.

Within a week of various forms of drug-free therapy, my pain is well managed and under control. That having been resolved, I look forward to using Dr. Zhang's expertise for other treatments. Zhang conducts his treatments in a very professional, courteous, caring and comprehensive manner.

His treatment will be catered specifically to your overall physical, psychological and physiological needs. Additionally, I would like to say that Dr. Zhang's treatment fees are VERY affordable when compared to other local practitioners whose training hardly compares to Dr.

On top of that, his office will file the insurance claims for you, whereas most other local practitioners will pass that responsibility on to the patient. I highly recommend this practice for most of your medical needs to everyone, including my friends, family and colleagues. Jason is a true healer!! He puts his all to make his patients better. I 've suffered from allergies and asthma all my life. The past 10 years I went from doctor to doctor trying to control my allergies.

Nothing worked for longer then a month. It was a cycle of steroids and antibiotics. I never felt rested I had no energy and couldn't breathe out of my nose. I saw Jason 2 times and was able to breathe thru my nose!!!

Meeting him has been life changing. I never thought Acupuncture could make such a positive effect in my health. When I go to Acupuncture I know Jason will do his best and address anything that's going on whether it's a headache, anxiety , pain or just to relax after a long day of hair styling.

My body ached, my chest was tight and my nose was stuffy. I felt so sick I thought I would end up taking steroids. I came in at 11am and Jason worked on me for about 5 hours! He got me to stop wheezing which has never happened in one day not even with steroids gave me a massage that helped with all the congestion.

Also did cupping and took Chinese medicine. Jason is full of knowledge and would recommend him to anyone that hasn't seen results with other doctors. You're one in a million. Jason you're a life saver I cannot thank you enough for what you do everyday. You're the best doctor and the most caring.

If anyone doubts your skill give them my number! You are a miracle worker. I could hardly breathe this morning and after all the cupping, massage, herbs I'm in way better shape. You and your wife are so sweet. How can I repay you. My husband mentioned acupuncture, and we found Dr. I can feel a big difference after 2 weeks!!!

Thank you so much!!! None of these worked. After my third visit I felt a difference. I'm so happy and so happy I have found him. Each session improves my well being and eases my symptoms. I certainly recommend this to everyone. Jason knows what he is doing and will give you an authentic experience. Try it for yourself if you are looking for alternative therapies. Extremely satisfied and feeling so much better after only one week!!! I had been prescribed muscle relaxers, by my PMC, and sent to physical therapy but it was only getting worse and causing dizziness.

I wanted to try acupuncture and was fortunate they accept my insurance. So, I called on a Thursday afternoon and had an appointment later that day.

I felt an improvement after the first visit and continued to go every day for the first week. My condition is improving and I couldn't be happier and will be taking care of some other health issues once this big one is in check.

After getting several treatments I have no pain now. I truly recommend Dr. Jason for all his acupuncture services. Neck pain Fri, June 12, 7: After a couple of treatments with Dr. Jason the pain was gone. It has been very beneficial to me and I would recommend acupuncture to anyone. Jason for knee pain that I had been experiencing for over six months.

After just 5 visits, my knee pain was completely gone and I am back to my normal activities including running. Dr Jason and his staff are very caring, kind and professional. Once you decide to take advantage of Part B, Medicare will assess a late enrollment fee every month for as long as you have Medicare — possibly for the rest of your life. No one can force you to choose a certain type of coverage.

However, you should consider all of the variables before you decide against enrollment. The deadlines for Medicare enrollment are as follows:. The bottom line is that you need to know what you want well ahead of your 65th birthday.

Choose a plan that offers the coverage you actually need. Otherwise, you may end up paying significantly more in out-of-pocket costs than the brochure promised. The two programs might seem interchangeable or at least closely related, but there are significant differences. In essence, Medicare is a government program that provides healthcare benefits to a limited demographic. You must be 65 or older; be younger than 65, but have certain disabilities; have children with certain disabilities; or suffer from a terminal illness, such as ESRD.

Social Security refers to a federal program that grants benefits based on need. These might include retirement benefits, survivor benefits or disability payments depending on situation.

Your eligibility for Social Security depends on many factors, but primarily, work history determines the amount of Social Security you receive each month. On the other hand, Medicare is available to everyone who meets the parameters. Both programs are funded primarily through payroll taxes; both Social Security and Medicare have trusts set aside for payout purposes. Our guide is meant to help answer some questions that you might have had concerning Medicare.

But there are always exceptions to the rule when it comes to large-scale government programs. If you need additional information for an unusual situation or want to read more about the Medicare program, then you have options for conducting your own research.

Start by visiting www. To enroll in Medicare or apply for assistance, visit the Social Security Administration website for detailed instructions. This federal agency represents the U.

You may also want to explore our website, HealthNetwork. The website also allows you access to a wide range of documents concerning rules and regulations within the health insurance industry. Some people prefer to speak directly with a representative in person over visiting a website.

The Social Security Administration website makes it easy to find your local branch using the locator feature. From here, you can also find the closest physical branch by ZIP code, look up additional ZIP code information or learn more about services outside of the United States. The Affordable Care Act has been changing the landscape of the American healthcare system since it took full effect in Also known as Obamacare, the ACA set forth a series of new guidelines and regulations related to the healthcare industry in the United States.

We offer a full page of information on how the ACA affects Medicare , but we want to go over a few changes here briefly for your benefit. These are designed to give you better and more convenient healthcare options. Not everyone needs all of the benefits outlined by the ACA, but insurers have to offer them. This means that you may see an increase in your premiums if you opt for Medicare Part B or an Advantage plan.

Other changes include the following:. The marketplaces or health insurance exchange websites have been set up to facilitate the insurance buying process. In order to enroll in Medicare or make changes to your plan during OEPs, you still need to start with the SSA by visiting its website or contacting your local Social Security office to set up an appointment.

In order to make the best choice for your needs, spend some time actually reading these mailers to familiarize yourself with the jargon and costs associated with Medicare. Eligibility Requirements for Medicare For starters, you need to know when you can apply for Medicare in order to make an informed decision about plan benefits.

You can enroll in Medicare if at least one of the following is true: You meet certain disability requirements. Medicare from A to D There are four parts to Medicare: Medicare Advantage plans are offered in different types, including: Medigap policies only cover one person; you have to buy an additional Medigap policy for your spouse.

Medicare Advantage beneficiaries have to dis-enroll from their Advantage plans prior to obtaining a Medigap policy. Medigap policies sold after cannot cover prescription drugs. This additional premium is paid directly to the insurance company. As long as you keep up with your premiums, your insurer cannot cancel your policy. Any insurer can sell you a policy as long as the company is licensed in your state to sell Medigap policies.

Medicare Costs and Premiums How much will Medicare cost you per month? Likewise, if you paid Medicare taxes while you worked, then you will also be enrolled without a premium. Nearly everyone pays for Medicare Part B insurance. This may change in In other words, people who earn significantly more income will be assessed additional charges for medical coverage. Likewise, Medicare Advantage plans will vary based on the insurer and your individual needs.

There are programs and services available to help with the costs if Medicare is too expensive for you, including the following: The deadlines for Medicare enrollment are as follows: This period includes the three months prior to your 65th birthday, the month you turn 65 and the three months following the month of your 65th birthday. General enrollment for original Medicare lasts from January 1 through March In special circumstances, you may be able to enroll late without incurring a penalty fee.

Special enrollment periods generally exist for people who lose job-based insurance or who were volunteering during the period of their initial enrollment. For detailed information on SEPs, visit the Medicare website. Initial enrollment for Advantage plans follows the same schedule as initial enrollment for original Medicare plans.

If you want to disenroll from an Advantage plan, then you have from January 1 through February 14 to do so. If you disenroll from your Medicare Advantage plan, then you have until February 14 of the same year to enroll in a Part D plan for drug coverage.

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