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How to Get Results with Forever’s Clean 9
I have a 9 year old Maltese, Chase, who was diagnosed with severe MV insufficiency this past summer July It was a nightmare. Hi Zainab — yes, you need to take the shake — perhaps it is the milk that you are using as I have never heard of anyone having a problem with it? Your Comment Here…good evening sir. Act Now Utilize all group members by putting together one scenario and one genre.

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Can i drink milk on nutrisystem

Shape it Up Teams creates shapes together, while holding hands. Shoot Me First group tries to shoot all 10 ping pong balls to the cups in the table wins. Shoot that Ball Groups line up one line while the host gives 3 kinds of orders - pass, exhibition and shoot the ball. Show Me Your Face All teams come up with the best given expression together. Mean It Get your team to guess as many songs in one minute while you have a polvoron in your mouth.

Sing or hum without mentioning title of the song. Giant Polvoron, List of Popular Songs. Soap War 2 Groups beat each other on tug of war. The difference their hands dip in soap and water. Ropes and Water with Soap. Speed Cone As cones are scattered all over the floor, teams race to put up all the cones up or down. Spell it Out Groups spell out a word using objects around them.

Squeeze or Tap Team lines up and holds each others hand. The game host whispers to the lead of every group squeeze the hands or tap. The team passes this to each one until it reaches the end of the line. If its squeeze, the last person raises both hands, if tap one hand.

The first one to raise with the right answer wins. Starlight Group should be able to form a star without discussing it verbally. Step Up Group relay by utilizing the lease amount of steps. At the end each one will eat something. Pedometer placed in the forehead. Stock Me Up Group that stock the cups in a perfect pyramid wins.

Tap Around Teams sits down and form a circle. Game host assigns starting person to stand up and go around the human circle as fast as possible. Starting person taps the person beside him or her until it goes back to the one who started it all. Its a nice game for a small event. Divide the teams into 2. Each one races to the hula hoop and places their colored paper until they form 3 straight. They can also transfer colored paper ONLY to form 3 straight.

Twist Mark the cups with letters to form different words from the same set of letters. Members of each team transfers cups from one end to another using straws on their mouths. The first team to complete the requested word wins. Cups, Hard Straws, Categories. Currently we can connect you to up to different partner beneficiaries. Either you choose from our list or choose below type of kids you would want to reach out and bless.

Please indicate as well your preferred location. The beneficiaries we have for U! The help you extend is part of a bigger picture! Choose by partner type or location: Type of Kids Location-Based.

Choose number of kids: Budget 2 - Php Preferred food if any: Preferred budget how much: Minimum Budget is Below are list of games we have played in the past events. All games involved all volunteers and kids. Please choose 2 to 3 only. Our team will be running these games for you. Please hover on the game click , for mobile device for the mechanics.

Group knocks down cups around them using a stocking with a tennis ball inside. Group to make the most banderitas 15 triangles per string in a specified time wins. It's a relay wherein individuals blow one cup at a time in a stringed cup formation. Challenge a player once. Group tries to create a perfect square blindfolded. Members of the team shape balloons together according to the size requested. Pairs draws accurately what the game master requests.

One at a time the members attach themselves to each other. Groups chooses a leader to lead a dance impromptu for 15 seconds. Choose one leader to guide the team on the steps. Group tangles themselves hands remain connected as they hold each others' hand.

Kids throws ball to the opposing teams volunteers. First pair runs to the clothes and wears them, takes it off and runs back to the next pair. Each team on a single line waits for the lead of every group to start writing at the back of the first person.

Alternate volunteer and kid passes a circled string until the end of the group with hands remain connected. Group should transfer as much water from one container to another using a only a spoon. Group tries to bring down the hula hoop in the ground together using only one finger each. Teams think on their feet and figure out how many people where to be inside and outside of the hula hoops. Create a finish line 5 meters away from the players.

Opposing group sets up 4 sets of hurdles. The whole team solves a math problem. Group is given a chance to see a photo. Members of each team accomplish 3 stations of moving to win: I am married with 3 kids,my qns was can i use birth control pills while also doing clean9 diet?

Yes, Nazia — we are talking nutrition as in food here, not medication. Hi neil, am about to start c9 cuz of my weight weighing kg and fit1 is expensive. Will like to lose 40kg. Hi Zanny — the best way is to register you so you can buy at a discount. If you buy from me, then I can help you with your plan too. Hi, I started clean 9 today and I ate strawberry as dinner, is it bad?. Also can u register me to enable me buy fit1 a lower rate. Hi Chinwe — yes, I can register you, let me know which country are you in so I can send you the right link.

Belly fat is probably a result of too much sugar or refined food in your diet — the Clean 9 and Fit 1 will help you sort out those sugar cravings and help you to healthier eating. You might also like this article too by one of our Fitness advisors http: Hi — I take thyroxine and fluoxetine — both well managed.

Is it still safe to do Clean 9? Hence, you really would need to get medical advice. In many cases, where someone takes a regular medical drug, it is better to start on the FIT 1 — as the amount of aloe you drink is less and therefore the impact is more gradual — this allows more time to adjust with your doctor your medicines to fit.

Hello Teri — well, water is best — but you can also add aloe vera. I would avoid any sodas or fruit juice as they will be high in sugars or carbs. Hi Erica — yes, keep the aloe vera in the fridge — it tastes better that way. It will last a few days at room temperature, but will last longer in the fridge.

Hi, I started the clean 9 on Tuesday and since I have ate toast and a packet of crisps. Will this ruin the detox completely now? Hello — rule no. Yep — clean 9 is a nutrition programme not a medical programme — hence there is no reason to worry. Hi Gemma — yes it will — smoking pushing lots of toxins into your body and the Clean 9 is attempting to cleanse your body, so they are working against each other.

Use the Clean 9 as an opportunity to cut down on your smoking as much as possible to get best results. I do help my clients devise plans and could help you with this if you were to buy your Clean 9 and FIT products through me or this website. Can you register me for the discount please? Is this ok to do? Hello Neil, Just started the C9 program and have lost about 3 kg at the start of day 3.

However I saw the use of skim milk of the shake pack so I mixed the shake with a spoonful of Marvel Dried Skimmed Powder on the day 2, in fact instantly felt a release of energy but on looking closer to the label, its like I am not really sure what calories that might contain and I have since stopped.

What quantity of the Dried skimmed powder can one add without compromising potency. Hi Sola — you can mix the shake with anything — water, skimmed milk, almond milk, soya milk, rice milk etc…. I am looking at doing the cleanse 9, but have difficulty swallowing pills. I normally just chew my pills or put power into a drink.

Would this be okay to do? Alternatively, if you are strong willed ie. Like Andy I am struggling to swallow the tablets whole, especially the soft gel ones.

Not sure if I can cut them in half? I take prescribed Vitamin D tablets twice a day. Am I ok to use the C9 plan on this medications? Hey Matt — we are advised to suggest you speak to your doctor when taking medications. Hi, I start clean 9 tomorrow and was wondering if when doing day you need to eat all calories for dinner or you can break up the to suit your day eg.. Hi Lisa — you can break up the calories across the day — however, make sure you drink the aloe on an empty stomach — so if you have calories at breakfast, make sure you aloe is drunk first and you leave 15 minutes or so before eating etc… Br Neil.

Hello, I have come across this website and queries and have read with interest all the help and advice given. I wonder if someone could help me. I am currently at the end of day 2 and have not had any issues with the aloe Vera , tablets or shakes so far but my query is more about detoxing. I was expecting to be visiting the bathroom much more frequently but so far apart from passing the extra water there is nothing. Does this mean it is not working or could I be in for a bit of shock further along the programme?

Any advice would be appreciated. I have read with keen interest and appreciate your advise so far. I am on Day 5 and I must confess I feel so great. My aloe vera gel finished yesterday night. What do you advise? Can I continue till day 9 without it? The aloe is pretty key — so it is important to get some more.

Either way, keep doing the exercise and keep drinking the water. Lastly, the Fit 1 is actually very cheap. Yes, I am drinking over the 8 glasses and keeping a record to make sure I am following the plan correctly.

I have a cross trainer at home and am using that every morning. I also walk around 2 miles a day so the excercise part is covered too. I measured today on day 3 and no measurement changes but I had lost just under 2 kg. I will continue to the end the plan as I am keen to fully detox.

First time on the Clean 9 I lost 4kg and was moderately fit. Second time, about 2 years later, I was running 10ks regularly and at the top end of fitness — that time I just lost 2kg — but I did still lose a belt size, which was interesting. Also, make sure you measure weight at the same time each day — first thing in the morning is pretty good — not least because our body weight can fluctuate 2kgs with more or less water and depending on when we last went to the toilet!

And, last but not least, weighing scales vary in their accuracy and can be affected by the floor surface. Hi Neil, Could you help me please, I am on day 2 of the clean 9, I did it last year and lost a large amount of weight, but it all piled back on, I have now started it again, but it is the old one, is it still effective?

And can you give me some advice on what to do next I understand there is a second programme, which I may consider if you give me the website… But could you please tell me what I can do to maintain the weight loss without buying the fit programme. Feedback is much appreciated. Hi Sara — sure, the Clean 9 is a cleanse and designed to help the body get rid of toxins and ready for weight loss.

Would you like me to set this up for you? For some people — exercise can by just walking 10 mins to work — or house or garden work! Hi Amanda — the less you smoke the better the outcome, so even if you cut down, that will help. I would recommend that you start with the Fit 1 instead — it is more gradual and actually is focused on long term sustainable weight loss.

Hi Neil,is it compulsory I will use the fit 1 after clean9?? What can I do I also forgot to take the ulta shake. If you forgot a shake, just make it up now and take it. I am on day 3 of c9, nand have been drinking a lot of water but i have not purged at all, i hope there is no problem? Hi Ola — can you explain what you mean by purge? Which are the most important elements to continue with?

So is the Aloe Vera gel more important than the shakes etc… Thank you. Great — firstly read my article on Fit 1 and the real costs — I think you may be surprised how cheap it actually is http: Neil I started the cleanse 9 today.

Also from day 3 if I replace one of the shakes for a meal how many calories would this equate to? Or if I stick to the 2 shakes with water can I add some calories to my evening meal? Hi Anna — if you swap skimmed milk for water cl that is going to reduce the calories by about — so, as you have two shakes per day — just have a third shake — or, as you say, add the calories to your evening meal which you can also split across lunch and dinner — but keep to the calories size.

Hi, Is it ok to eat free foods during the first 2 days? Hi Mary — no, of course its okay to eat the free foods during the first two days. Our programme is not magic its not chemical, its about nutrition and exercise and you can only improve those bit by bit and day by day. Stick at it and you will see long term results. We are not offering a quick fix — we are a long term solution to feeling better and looking better. Hi, really informative page thanks.

I havnt started it yet, do you have any tips for days before you start i want to get the most out of the cleanse as possible?

Also it says to weigh in days 1,3,6,9 should i also weigh myself the day before and measure? Also what is the best time to weigh? Also i sometimes have trouble going to the toilet is clean 9 going to make this worse? All advice appreciated thank you. Sorry one more question if you already exercise frequently do you need to up the exercise?

Will you get the same results as some one that never exercises? No Gemma — very fit people will get different results. Fit people simply need to eat many more calories and hence the programme needs to be adapted — depending on their reasons for doing it, of course.

Hi, The booklet says to do exercise after breakfast — but I have to get up early for work usually 5am but sometimes earlier so I literally get up, get ready and go straight there.

I think what you suggest makes sense — the idea is that after breakfast you should be active ie doing some moderate exercise but it sounds like you are already up and moving about. However, do you drive to work? If so, can you park 10 minutes away so that you walk to work? Okay to do in the summer I guess? Checked my bmi am Hi Joy — yes, you can start with Fit 1 and skip Clean 9. This is a more gentle route and your initial results will be lower but more sustained. If you are already very active or doing a good amount of daily physical exercise, I would recommend this route.

Or if you want to start slowly because of a medical history etc…. However, if not, then I think the Clean 9 is the best way to prepare yourself for longer term weight loss and energy gain so that you feel comfortable with more exercise — and can enjoy it. Hi Lou — you can keep taking the folic acid — no problem.

Remember, Clean 9 is a nutritional programme it is not medicine. I am in Nigeria. Waiting for a reply. Yes, it is a good idea to register now so you can get the maximum discounts for the C9 and Fit 1.

Is there any negative effect on not leaving a 20minute gap betwene taking the garcinia, therm and aloe gel. I always take them together. Will this affect the results. Hey, I started my Clean 9 this morning, I read the breakfast step wrong and took everything i was supposed to but also had the forever lite ultra shake.

Should I leave this out at lunch time to balance it out!? Must have got carried away! Hello Mr Lewis first of i never knew about the clean 9 program until i found it on an advert in a website i visited and i contacted the agent in my country and he said the clean 9 kit will help me lose weight in both my tummy, thighs, face nd arms but i am afraid of having excess skin or a fallen stomach please coach me on this clean nine stuff i really need it.

Hi Neil, I wish to start on d clean9 weight loss program and aslo trying to get pregnant. I want to know if clean9 is safe to use while trying to conceive. Is there any reason not to do the c9 cleanse twice in short succession? Yes Kate — there is a very good reason. The long term weight loss takes place on Fit 1 — so, Clean 9 is the best way to prepare for this — but ultimately, getting onto Fit 1 is going to make the long term difference.

Are all the portion sizes from the recipies huge!!?? Hi Lorraine — yes, you are right — there are less than calories in a three egg mushroom omlette https: I was told that my system would be flushed out…. Right now there is no change in measurements but lost 1 kilo. Any advice would be great. Hi Mich — firstly, are you measuring your waist? That is the best way to assess success not weight — read this article for why http: Secondly, are you drinking enough water and doing enough exercise?

You can always increase these if that helps? Thirdly, keep going — this is a natural product that puts nutrition back into your body. Okay, now, how many days are you willing to give your body to adjust? Will you give yourself 69 days to do the Fit programme? Hi Fagbemi — so long as you are not on prescription medication then Clean 9 and Fit 1 and 2 will be fine. I was about to start my clean9 7months post delivery.

I have been on the aloe gel for the past 4months. But I just found out I was given the old clean9 bee pollen. I decided to take the bee pollen just a little to see how it goes and sadly I am allergic to bee pollen.

Plz what can I do about this? Its really saddening to know am allergic. Can you guide me on how to commence.. Hi Judith — we find it is best to go straight onto Fit 1 after the c9 or Clean 9 — in many ways Clean 9 prepares you for the rest of the fit programme, so it is best to go on straight away.

Your Comment Here…am on My day 6 clean9. I urinate like 15times a day, is it ok or is it due to My water intake? Am weight 63kg but have a big belly. Really dnt wanna loss to much weight atleast 55kg. Please should i continue fit1? If so Please register me for cheater rate. Hi Nenye — perhaps it is because you are not used to drinking so much water? Hi Mariah — claim your money back and ask your supplier to provide you with the new Clean 9.

Just started my C9 and just need a bit of advise. Does this effect my calorie in take? Thanks for you help x. This is a great site. Please what are the free foods to be taken and can they be taken during the first two days as well. I have a mild case of migraine too and i hear headaches are a major side effect. I would also like the prescriptions for taking the bee pollen and garcinia. Also if i were to walk as an exercise routine too busy at work for the gym , how many minutes would i av to walk for?

I also hope the diet wont affect my performance at work like with the headaches, tummyaches and stuff. Also, what can i mix with the aloe if it gets too bitter. I live in nigeria so things like berry nectar and cranberry flavoured drinks are hard to find. Is there something common or natural that i can mix it with?

Is skimmed milk also okay with the shake? Lastly can i wear a tummy girdle during the period of the cleanse? Hi Ayo — you can find a link to the booklet here http: Advice on headaches is here http: And advice on exercise is here http: Hi Neil, i started using clean 9 on the 12th, its 16th today and i havent noticed any change…i have been following it religiously and i exercise daily. Have you been drinking enough water Ellem? Often people largely underestimate the amount of water they need to drink?

Hi Neil Thank you very much for all the above informations. My questions are 1 Is Aloe drink taken on empty stomach and why and how minutes before lunch 2 Do I take Therm immediately following Aloe or dinner 3 Can I add Lean pill to this Clean 9 4 I am taking Cambridge Weight Plan meal which is kcal in place of Ultra meal and dinner.

I want to conserve energy. What is your thoughts. Though I still have much. Thanks for your questions — I have updated the page and answered them here http: Normally, I recommend reducing the amount of aloe — or drinking a bottle for a week prior to starting the Clean 9 — especially if you have a lot of toxins or have not been eating very well. However, it is hard to give general advice, so do ask your distributor for help.

However, the programme is designed to improve not perfect things — so, if you can cut down your coffee and reduce your smoking that will be an improvement. I do find that smokers find the taste of the aloe difficult — but when you take the aloe, you will have less desire to smoke. Hi Chi — I always recommend Clean 9 followed by Fit 1 — this gives best results all over.

I am worried however that I am not getting enough calories as my weight loss is fairly minimal. Are the shakes a must take? Yes Michelle — you will be starving yourself without the shakes. Hi I started my clean9 program today. I find it hard to drink the aloe Vera gel. When I took it I started throwing up. What can I do but am taking the other supplements. Hi Tomisin — you should stop the programme and take small sips of the aloe each day until your body starts to cleanse.

In any of these situations you are best advised to start very slowly with the aloe until your body is cleaner and better able to handle the clean 9 programme. Will that change the results? Am I ok to continue without it? If so — should I replace it with something and if so — what would you recommend?

The calories — could this be anything? I usually take them all at once! And do I then need to wait to have food? And do the free foods count as part of that calorie intake?

However, you really need to discuss this with the person who provided the box. Especially during the first two days- are you only meant to have one thing a day?! I started the C9 cleanse and on day 3 i was down 3 inch and down 3 pound which was great, feeling great lots of energy, but now on day 5, my inches have reverted back to what they were, and i am bloated.

Sorry i ordered directly from the website and not been presented with a instructor that i am aware of. I had something similar and started drinking aloe gently and it helped greatly — but that was 19 years ago! Best regards Neil https: Hi Sultan — you do need to be careful and speak to your suppliers and also medical advisors.

If you purchase your Clean 9 through us, then we are happy to provide the advice and support without charge. What it will give you is a good basis of nutrition and that may result in your growing more — depending on how your nutrition has been so far? Hi,you doing really great with the answers and advice,am about to start the clean 9 program but the I just want to ask….

Remember that during Clean 9 you lose water and toxins and maybe a couple of kg of fat — so in total, it might be 4kg. Hi, Just started the clean 9 yesterday, this is my day 2 and i have been snacking on peanuts a little. Yes, you will drink one bottle of aloe vera in the first two days — in fact, you should have finished the first bottle after day two — so perhaps you are not drinking enough? Am weighing kg and want to reduce to 60k cuz am a size 16 but wish to drop to size Ideally you continue straight onto Fit 1, yes.

This is because the Clean 9 is a preparation for Fit 1. Does a packet of each of the above at lunch time only have an effect? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi Louise — thanks for your message.

Yes, you are right, it is a bit vague and deliberately so. There are two reasons for this — firstly, different people start at differnt points — so, our first aim is to help some one start to eat better and raise exercise levels a bit and gain more control ie. Ideally, we would answer this question better if we knew your individual circumstances. So, our goal is improvement not perfection — so, that largely depends on who you are. There is a tendancy for people to seek a miracle or instant cure for weight or health issues that have built up over many months and years.

My answer is nearly always the same — the only thing that will ruin your results is giving up. No matter what happens, we always end up slipping off the plan and we need — with encoragement and trust in ourselves — to just keep putting ourselves back on the plan. It is going to happen — it happens to me and everone — the only choice is, do we get back on the plan or give up.

We run a group too for our clients as that gives them extra confidence and an opportunity to share experiences. Hi Neil, day 1 and 2 were really good, i had lots of water and all and did some vigorous exercise. I checked my weight on day 3 morning and i saw that i had lost 3 kg. Today is day 4, i was thinking of staying of food completely, not even d fibre or shake, just d tablet and aloe so i can flush out my system completely to make up for d calories consumed yesterday.

Hi Zo — yes, I am not surprised — you are not meant to do more than 30 minutes moderate exercise — a brisk walk — on days 1 and 2 — and if you do more, then you need to adjust your calories.

In addition, is it ok to drink green tea during the 9days? Can we follow the cal diet for day one or by day 3. Secondly can i have a chart stating low GI foods along with the calorie count for the foods. Hi Cheryl — you should follow the plan in the booklet that you have in your Clean 9 box? Or are you missing that? Neil A sale rep in my country Jordan says that it is highly recommend that women start the product just after they finish their periods. Is that evidence -based? I assume it should not matter as hormonal changes and fluids retention are cyclic!

Hi Saba — I am not aware of any evidence for this claim. It might make sense from a comfort point of view — in that the first two days are a version of fasting and that would probably be more comfortable after the period has finished. Dear Neil, I finally started my clean 9 programme today.

Not sure what to do in the booklet it says breakfast,2X forever Garcinia plus softgel,4 oz aloe vera gel. My question can i take my normal breakfast or just what is listed above that i am allowed to take? I had 2 litres to start with and completed the 32oz in the first 2 days. Looking ahead, Aloe Vera gel is mentioned at all three meals, but in small print for Lunch and Dinner. Do I need to continue with 4oz x 3 time a day or just 4oz once a day when I want? So — do you have a booklet which explains?

If not, you can download the metric booklet from the link on this page. However, rule of thumb — drink one bottle of aloe vera in the first two days — the second bottle of aloe vera is consumed in the following 7 days.

On day two of c9 got too hungry that cud not manage to sleep n decided to take spinach and a boiled egg for supper will this interfere with the program. Hi Prisca — yes, it will interfere but mildly. Secondly if i am out in a coffee shop with friends would it be better to have black decaf coffee my preference or green tea as I looked up cafine is less in decaf coffee.

At home I will have decaf tea no milk. I guess on the first two days, water would be best — because you are attempting to give the body a break from coffee etc and the term tablet will already give you natural caffeine. I use to weigh Hi Ajadi — have you read this post http: I have started the C9 programme. I need to know how many calories approximately would the tablets, aloe vera gel, the fibre and shake be in the C9 cleanse?

Hi im on Day 5 of the clean 9. I havnt been taking the protein shake at breakfast, is that wrong? I take a protein shake for lunch or dinner and a cal meal. Will i loose more if i take the protein shake in the morning too? Look for ward to your reply. Hi I hv started take c9 since zis Monday.. I hv loss only 1 Kgs and get urinated more often since I started ze c And I would like to start fit1 when can I get start?

Hi Saheer — perhaps this article will help? You can start Fit 1 immediately after Clean 9 — in fact, it is what we recommend. Your Comment Here…good evening sir. I was just wondering about if we could eat our calories trough the whole day, because in the booklet it says we eat them on dinner!

Hi I have vry big bust so is it possible for the c9 to help burn the fat in my bust alone?? Hi Ross — I know people who have lost weight from their bust — but it is impossible to say for sure. Hi Neil, Over the last 13 months, I embarked on a diet and exercise regime that has seen me drop about 18kg. I currently get at least 2 days of minimum 10k walks a week, and I play squash for between 40 to 60 mins minimum twice a week so that is about 4 days of activity.

Exercising is pretty much a part of me now so I firmly expect that to continue over the years. Would you recommend that I get on the Clean 9 programme?

What would be the pros and cons? The Fit 1 will give you the nutrition to support that level of exercise whilst also helping you to eat well and steadily lose the weight. I finished the clean 9 about a week ago. Hi Pat — probably the Garcina — you can buy that individually if you want https: Although, the Forever Vanilla Shake will also be a key part on delivering high quality nutrition — and especially proteins — with minimal calories — and as you do a little more exercise, this will be essentially.

Lastly, you might want to consider the term too — that helps keep the energy levels high and beat the desire for coffee or tea. I understand the bit about C9 being unable to give sufficient nutritional calories. But that would mean my calorie intake would be far lower than output and equal to quicker weight loss?

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