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One in five children in low-income countries is enrolled in pre-primary education. The predictions of Ehrlich and other neo-Malthusians were vigorously challenged by a number of economists, notably Julian Lincoln Simon , and advances in agriculture, collectively known as the Green Revolution , forestalled any potential global famine in the late 20th century. Retrieved April 24, Global Value for Global Good. Retrieved November 12, The World Bank Group is committing to help countries prioritize human capital in a sustained way.

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Endemic Countries Afghanistan Nigeria Pakistan. Women on the Frontlines of Polio Eradication. Voices from the Field. Top stories Coffee with Polio Experts: Remembering Kofi Annan Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, made significant and important contributions to global efforts to er Top stories Afghanistan polio snapshot — June Update on polio eradication efforts in Afghanistan for June Pakistan polio update — June Update on polio eradication efforts in Pakistan for June This Week Polio this week as of 11 September Summary of new viruses this week: Annual Report - Draft.

Report by the Secretariat. Designed and produced by ACW. Over two billion people cannot afford surgery if they needed it today, and, of those who get surgery every year, an estimated 33 million of them will undergo financial hardship from its direct costs—81 million when the ancillary costs of care like transportation and food are included.

The cost of surgery, then, is not just a barrier to care. It can cause toxic, downstream side effects. Impoverishment is a side effect of surgery for the equivalent of the entire population of Germany, every year. One in five children in low-income countries is enrolled in pre-primary education. Children with pre-primary education have better attendance and achievement in primary school. High-income countries tend to outperform low-income countries on logistics.

But income is not the sole determinant. On this graph, countries further away from the trend line are over- or under-performers compared to their income group. New satellite data shows a significant decline in gas flaring at oil production sites around the world in , despite a half-percent increase in global oil production.

The nearly 5 percent flaring decline begins to reverse years of increases in global gas flaring that started in The data reveals about billion cubic meters bcm of natural gas was flared in , down from nearly bcm in The study, Unrealized Potential: The High Cost of Gender Inequality in Earnings, examines the economic cost of gender inequality in lost human capital.

A lot of progress has been made over the past few years toward extending financial access and the number of unbanked adults has fallen to 1.

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