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What You Can Eat and What You Can't

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Yes - it's got reasonably priced meal delivery and in-person support. Pros - Does work if you follow it Cons - Expensive, don't expect what you see on telly, poor customer service. Boy shares foul ball with another young fan at Detroit Tigers game. Moving on from the bullying from a particular manager, the lines you were tought to learn verbatum were so unnatural and manipulative and you felt like you were preying on vulnerable people. Regardless of your plan, the prepackaged meals and associated shipping charges are extra.

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Some people criticise both companies, calling them gimmicks, but celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Kirstie Alley say the plans actually do work for them. Simpson reportedly shed 50 pounds months after welcoming her daughter on May 1, After starting the Weight Watchers program, which involved food and workout adjustments, it seems she was surprised by how easy it was for her to manage her health.

Battle of the Diet Plans Weight Watchers Weight Watchers allows clients to purchase their own food and prepare their own meals. Each food item is assigned points based on calorie, fat and fibre content.

A major part of the Weight Watchers experience is attending local meetings where individuals receive live support.

Clients also have the option of joining Weight Watchers Online. Jenny Craig Jenny Craig takes a different approach to weight loss by offering its clients prepackaged and pre-portioned meals provided by the company. Vitamin supplements are also offered. One note to add about Jenny Craig is that the ultimate goal of the weight loss program is to move people away from their prepackaged items. In other words, once clients are no longer dependent on prepackaged foods, the cost of the diet could very well decrease.

Which is More Budget Friendly? By conducting a quick comparison, it appears that Jenny Craig is the budget-friendly option for the individual who wants to get started with a plan immediately without much financial pressure. Search Icon A magnifying glass icon. Globe Icon An icon of the world globe. Jan 1, , 5: Terrible food and expensive. I have used JC before and unfortunately am so disappointed the food is so expensive and the quality extremely poor! The ham and cheese toastie is like cardboard just horrible m!!

JC if you want to charge a premium then make sure the quality is there. Write a review on ProductReview. Want an easy way to lose weight or save time? Do better cheaper at home. I find the whole Jenni Craig thing a waste of time and money, you pay for someone just to talk to if you feel you cant manage, friends or family can do that for free Got weighed in all winter clothes, boots and all How does that give you a fair weight and future loss.

Yet with lite and easy for same price i can get 5 days ALL meals, snack, fruit all you supply is milk and drinks for less.. The girl i saw said she has been on Jenni Craig for years, but yo yo's in weight,, we all no that happens but to sit and tell people your there to help them and you havent managed yourself SENT email to say i wasnt returning got phone call to say' sorry if she upset me', which i said 'no, but said the program was a waste of time and i could do same at home and get food cheaper,' she agreed, Nuff said,.

Jenny Craig Official Thanks again for your feedback, Jan. I loved the opportuunity to help people achieve their goals and the program was very effective for those who burned more energy than they ingested, this is how weight loss happens on jenny craig or any other program you sign up for. I think the sales aspect lost more clients long term than it retained because people arent stupid and they can smell it a mile off when theyre being sold something they dont want, cant afford or never asked for.

It shatters the trust they felt they had with the staff leaving them to feel very manipulated during a very vulnerable time in their life. They share serious issues with you and trust you can support them with their weight loss. They are not told that their centres staff has sales quotas to meet and will do and say anything legal to sell you something extra. While the products sold at the centre were good quality and useful it was unreasonable to expect every client could afford this on top of their food each week.

The consultants are pressured to sell sell sell. We would have our sheets printed out throughout the day to see if our sales were tracking for the day, it was suffocating and highly stressful. Once I became ill and had to take three days off work rarely did I have a sick day just to put this into context and on the morning of day 3 I was told that if I didnt return in the next day or two I would be replaced. I recal a particular area manager making a point regularly saying "you guys are all replaceable" which left all of us at the centre feeling nill job security.

This woman was awful and I still to this day feel extreme anxiety over things such as calling in sick when this rarely happens. The experience I had whilst working at JC left me quite traumatised as I imagine it did to many others working under this particular woman during ish.

Moving on from the bullying from a particular manager, the lines you were tought to learn verbatum were so unnatural and manipulative and you felt like you were preying on vulnerable people. I can see similar tact in the responses given by the jenny craig reps on this site. It was accross the board and the culture was a sales pitch hiding behind the veil of "we want to help you lose weight".

You would see clients doing well and feel immense pressure to sell sell sell. Every weekly staff meeting there would be a tally on the whiteboard where your sales numbers would be written up. Very demeaning and you always felt like you were a no-sale away from losing your job.

It was sad to think I was making a difference in peoples lives when it seemed all management cared about was sales sales sales. Sales were celebrated over weight loss. This was evidenced by the fact that, during the odd 3years I worked at the company, I saw perhaps 3or 4 people actually reach their goal weight. When I say this I mean all clients, not just my own clients.

In three different centres I worked over a three to four year period. I think some who didnt make it lost motivation yes, Im sure many ceased the program after running short of money or because they got sick of the used car salesman approach they were met with every time they attended their weekly meeting with their consultant whom they were TOLD when they purchased a jc program woukd be there to support and encourage and teach them.

Little do the clients know at the start is that this weekly consultation is also utilised to sell you as much as possible. This may not be something in any fineprint but its written all over the whiteboard in the staff room or meeting room or just behind the desk where they kept the graph of where the centre was at so far with their sales quota.

I think if jc paid their staff a little more adequately and actually gave them a bit of training on nutrition and about the jc program the cosultants coukd then go on to pass a lot more value onto the clients. This way clients might stuck around longer and yes jc might meet their quotas as well. I worked in a management position for a period of time and worked overtime every week and NEVER got paid for it.

At the time I worked there I know this happened accross the board. As a product the program is good!!! The crap you have to deal with daily from management about sales quotas just kills your enthusiasm for the job. It definitely became a product I loved with a culture that ultimately left me highly stressed and physically unwell to the point I had to move on from my role.

In short Jenny Craig for weight loss? Yes sure if you can afford it. Jenny Craig for a workplace? Not for me, a little on the cult side for my liking. Seeing a previous post from an emplyee I believe in with similar experience was upsetting. It seems nothing has changed!

I dont usually post on the internet at all but clearly I had a bad experience with this company and the more people who speak up about it the more likely the company will make some changes Jenny Craig Official Hi there, Thank you for your message. I'm a lifetime member, used JC 4 times in about 20 years- each time it's set me off fabulous to weight loss.

I normally did about weeks and every time it worked like a charm. I think their whole thing should start to become food boot camp for some - 4 week program and let's follow you through top up your cupboards occasionally. I think it's a whole market of women who need a good friend - the consultants are there anyway JC - sort of a weight watcher I've never done programme - health club style but nutritional fitness gym?!

I think it would just jam right into women's market!! Jenny Craig Official Hi Tracey, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I have been on Jenny Craig several times. Not happy, with just an apology and said they couldn't do anything but give me a couple of free meals.

Also I think it is very expensive especially when the bulk of the choices are pasta dishes and after 4 weeks don't want to look at pasta again. Jenny Craig Official Hi Judy, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I have been a member of Jenny since being told that I was a Lifetime member. Jenny you should not send letters out to members if your information is incorrect.

However all these years I was under the impression that I was a Lifetime member. Go figure, Jenny is a sales organisation after all. I referred a colleague from my work who visited the Sydney City Center and was not impressed by the staff and I was encouraging her to give it more time. Jenny Craig Official Thank you for your feedback. I have been a customer of Jenny Craig for over twenty years. I keep returning because it works well for me and my complicated lifestyle.

Last year I was using the Jenny Craig meals to maintain and was enjoying the butter chicken so much my husband joined me. THEN they changed the chicken from chunks of real chicken, to these dreadful tasteless thin slices of processed chicken which has replaced almost every chicken item. I am told the chicken product is now produced in Australia ,I am in NZ ,if Australian members like it they can have it but I do not want to pay for cheap processed chicken when I know I have had a lot better.

Remember I am a veteran and hell hath no fury like a woman who is cheated on a weight loss programme. I have not found the right place to complain in NZ yet but maybe I try social media to see who else hates this stuff as much as I and I already know a few. Jenny Craig Official Hi Marlene, we thank you again for your comments and feedback. After having foot surgery last September, some cheeky kilos crept on and before I knew it I was on the phone to Jenny Craig at Greensborough.

I did some research and had a good understanding of what to expect, but JC completely exceeded my expectations! The food is so delicious and the menu plans are very easy to follow - but what I have loved the most is how the program has changed my mindset in relation to food. I am making better choices; I am more creative with my meals; I am so comfortable going out to dinner with friends having been taught the necessary lessons to understand what I can and can't have. Not to mention, I LOVE cheese, and there hasn't been a day on the program where I have not managed to fit a little cheese in somewhere without letting myself down.

I don't feel like I have missed out on anything. The results have been incredible, I'm g away from my goal weight in just 3 months and my consultant has educated me on how to maintain it. I am just so pleased and thankful for you Jenny. Jenny Craig Official Hi there, We are so pleased to hear about your journey with us. I started Jenny Craig I have PCOS so weight loss is very difficult, however, this program worked for me.

I started transition to maintenance on What price do you put on your health? Jenny Craig can not do gluten free food. Instead of teaching people about nutrition, Jenny Craig fills diet with empty calorie gluten fillers, sugars and sugar substitutes. No easy fix, take control of your diet. Jenny Craig, band aid on obesity, laziness and expectation of an easy fix of life long neglect to diet and self care.

Never got past ordering, so checked so called diet. Thinking of joining Jenny Craig? I am used to more healthy options. Nobody contacted me to ask how I had found the food or whether or not I needed assistance.

Verified Customer Jenny Craig works people. I only used Jenny Craig for a few weeks and it definitely works if you follow it strictly.

I thought the food was reasonably tasty, but you're required to buy your own fruit and veg in addition to the meals provided. This ends up being quite costly I've always had a healthy preference for food so although I found the pies and pizzas that Jenny Craig provides quite tasty, I don't want to get in the habit of eating those sorts of foods regularly.

I think people who crave unhealthy foods would enjoy Jenny Craig because the meals are healthier, low calorie equivalents of unhealthy food preferences. They're not all unhealthy - they're just not very fresh until you add your own fruits and veg. You get a consultant to help keep you on track which would be beneficial for many people.

It works, but I feel that they could improve their menu with fresher, healthier ingredients. You don't want to turn up to your appointment heavier or the same as the week before.

Jenny Craig Official Hi there, Thank you for your feedback. I signed up to the 5 year plan after trying multiple different weight loss programs.

My consultant was lovely, however If you have a family then obviously your grocery bill will be a lot higher than that each week. So they could help me understand and teach me how to do it on my own as well as trying to lose weight? Not that they help much. How is that helping? I did the 10 kg in 10 weeks program with JC commencing 31 March After 10 weeks I had lost 9.

I found it easy , the food for the most part was very nice and enjoyable. I went onto Maintenance end June but I didnt proceed to buy the food however followed the same principles of kj per day with my own food. Changing my plate size etc. I have managed to lose now I know I am not text book and am doing my own food but find that works for me.

My focus now is to maintain. I love the support I receive from JC Hobart. I received a lot of negative feedback from friends that said JC works until you stop the food, so far I have proven them wrong and hope this continues to be the case.

My advice to you is to not stop going into the centres, go in regularly , keep getting weighed and maintain within your 2 kg weight loss and your body will do the rest. I now have friends doing the program now as they saw my success. Jenny Craig Official Thank you for your great feedback, Allison! Treated like a ten-year-old.

I've been on it for one week. The coach was getting irritable with me when I didn't understand part of the system and reprimanded me like a child when she found I'd been adding extra food to it. This has made me feel very discouraged and I've come back and eaten lots of the snacks all in a row. I don't like being spoken down to like that. She expected me to have put on weight but I had lost a kg. Her attitude is that you must suffer in the first month in order to make it easier on yourself later on.

Her attitude was condescending and disciplinarian - I'm too old for that. I've only just started looking at the ingredients - so many additives! The chicken is reconstituted chicken pieces with mineral salts, thickener, gelling agent and sugar in it - ecch.

Jenny Craig Official Hi Sam, thank you for taking the time to share this review. Ive been on Jenny Craig programme for 8 weeks now.

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