From Size 24 to Size 4: My Nutrisystem Review and Success Story

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NutriSystem Day 21: Tired, Hungry, Not Much Lighter
Especially after losing quite a bit of weight and then struggling up and down with the same poundage for the past several years. Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them. I lost 16 pounds in September and that really fired me up to continue. Nutrisystem was my last resort! I showed your review to a friend who did OK om the diet two years ago and he said its right on the button. I hear many saying that this program is not teaching you how to eat right, but it IS.

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Nutrisystem Day 3 - Hungry and Angry

Becka Baier I'm a mom that loves blogging. Thank you so much,. I hope it works out great for you! So far I lost 2 pounds, gained them back, and this morning lost the same 2 pounds.

Did you have these same symptoms? I have stuck to the plan, other than yesterday I did add additional veggies.

Yes I absolutely felt that way — for me it was because of the drastic reduction in calories and the symptoms passed within a few weeks. Definitely not a comfortable feeling, but it will pass and is worth it in the long run! My only suggestion is lots and lots of fruit-infused water, it filled me up and was very little added calories. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I also have not had nearly the energy I did last week. Although I'm planning to run tonight, it will be my first serious exercise since Saturday.

I never went that long even when I was off the diet; I just haven't had the energy to do much more than walk back and forth between my apartment and my office. I even turned down watching a movie with a friend last night because I was coming down from the coffee high which sustained me during the day. I should add that I'm not a regular coffee drinker. After perusing NutriSystem's online forums, I found that many of the other dieters also say that their energy and hunger come and go.

Despite this week's struggles, there was a success this morning when I was able to tighten my belt by one notch. That's at least an inch off my waist.

I've had the belt for about a year and a half and have always used it on the final notch sometimes barely. I was somewhat disappointed to see that I only lost one pound in the last week to While it's great that I'm in the s a feat I haven't accomplished since college -- it's a huge drop from the four or more pounds I lost the previous two weeks. While I suspected the initial weight would burn off easier, I fantasized that I could continue to lose weight at that pace. Next week I intend to share video of some of the stranger foods in the NutriSystem diet and on Thursday, I will check in with Dr.

Henry Fishman on my final day eating NutriSystem.

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