Is Beachbody’s Shakeology a Scam?

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As long as you meet the four requirements stated above, you can do whatever you want as a Beachbody Coach. Nobody would come here and write like you have without being some kind of corporate shill or an outraged distributor. It Increases energy and stamina. How to buy Shakeology cheap? Have you ever tried a meal replacement shake or smoothie that tasted terrible? It only has US states. These companies are dangerous to our emotional and physical health and our wallet.

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Start your journey here. Looking for a new challenge? I have some of the best Beachbody Hybrid workout schedules around. Get the best lifting, hardest cardio, and a perfect amount of recovery. Nothing fires me up more than seeing amazing results. I touched on this in the weekend update, but it was a big hassle! We were down for almost 2. I am just finishing up a week at family kamp and it has been just what the doctor ordered!

Time to spend with my family, Making extra time always seems fitting on a Monday: Shakeology was the best thing that I could have ever implemented into my journey to health and fitness. It has changed my life in ways I believe nothing else could. I recommend this stuff to anyone and everyone. Darlene Garnhart lost My greatest challenge was finding time for me. I love that the programs I followed were often 30 minutes or less, and that I can do it on my own time in my own home.

I have more energy, fewer cravings, and have never been more regular in my life. I have also been using Energize since January I get so much more out of my workouts! Amy Smith lost I felt so ashamed of my weight. I dreaded getting dressed in the morning because none of my clothes fit right, but I was in such denial about the weight I had gained, I refused to buy new clothes.

My doctor wanted me to get tested for diabetes, but I straight up refused. I knew I needed to make a change, but I had no idea what that change was. Shakeology for the win! This stuff is a complete game-changer. Michaela Mumbleau lost 83 lbs. Before I started 21 Day Fix, I was overweight, at pounds. I was embarrassed to even look at myself in the mirror. I felt uncomfortable in everything I wore and was never happy with the way things fit on me.

Before starting the program, I never believed I could be consistent or stick with anything past a week! On top of all of that, I was depressed every single day and felt like I had no purpose in my life.

Shakeology increased my energy, regularity, and my mood. My cravings for junk? I was the type of person who could eat pizza every day!

Alexandria Conners lost 36 lbs. Thinking about buying Shakeology? Before Shakeology I was a total mess! I had gained double the weight than what my Doctor wanted me to gain during pregnancy. I was so uncomfortable in my skin… Every little move I made simply reminded me of how big I was…. Yes…Yes… I know I was pregnant, but I just felt so huge and life was simply a struggle every single day! I knew my hormones were a mess but I also knew my weight was holding me back from fully enjoying life….

I tried those super strict diets where I starved myself until I ended up gaining more weight than losing. I tried those frozen meals where I buy one for every meal and a few snacks only to discover that it was simply too expensive and it was hard to follow because of how little food I was eating….

Was I doomed to just never lose weight? Does losing weight really need to be hard or even nearly impossible? She said how she was able to lose 10 pounds from simply drinking Shakeology every day. She also shared how she had way more energy and was happier since drinking it.

So, I decided to contact her and see what it was all about. I was shocked about what I learned about Shakeology. First off, the Shakeology ingredients were sourced from all over the place! For example, Beachbody gets:.

And these are just a few ingredients that Beachbody travels around the world to ensure they only get the most potent ingredients possible. Interestingly, they have their own people going around all these location to ensure the farmers are well trained to get the best quality possible. The Shakeology ingredients were amazing because every Health Magazine and health show have talked about them and how great they are for your health.

Plus, the Shakeology Ingredient Hunter, Darin Olien, took the time to speak with Medicine Men and Shamans across the World to discover what Ancient Civilizations have used for centuries and continue to use today. Darin Olien reported to Discovery News that:.

Enough that they can get off their prescription medications. The reason big time junk food companies are making so much money is because there is no nutrition in their food! Once our body gets enough vitamins, protein, carbs, fats, fiber, and so on… then your stomach will tell your brain that it no longer wants food. Which results in us eating and eating until out bellies are ready to bust!

How does Shakeology work? It includes the following core nutrients:. Oz, the Doctors, Health Magazines, and several News stations have also covered them over and over again as the best for health and weight loss…. I have been drinking Vanilla Shakeology for almost two years now and I have never missed a day. My husband loves it too! He prefers the Chocolate Shakeology flavor…. Thanks to Shakeology I no longer crave those salty and sugary foods that Big Time Weight Gaining Companies would want you and I to keep eating in order to get fat, destroy our health, and make them big time profits.

This will get you craving less junk, get you energized, and feeling better about yourself in no time at all. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. There are a few other ways to save money Shakeology… Like becoming a Coach or buying a Beachbody Challenge Pack that includes Shakeology and a workout program of your choice.

However, if none of that interests you, simply order Shakeology below and select Monthly Autoship as your Order Type if you want to save money.

Create your own review. I read about Shakeology and decided to try it, mostly to see if it would increase my energy like it said it would. I am doing this for my heart health and feel like I have hit upon a real treasure. It's worth what it costs I just gave up my daily cappuccino and it was a good trade! I have hashimoto's hypothyroidism which is an autoimmune illness that attaches the thyroid gland, which results in a unexplained excessive weight gain.

I also have PCOS and am a diabetic, all of these medical condition cause weight gain. I have tried everything with no results I did all the shakes and pills and diet out there. I just finished the 7 day Shakeology Challenge. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to try Shakeology! Richest anytime if you would like to chat or join any of our groups! Dear MaryJane , I need to loose weight! I have a hard time loosing weight. I need to loose 20 lbs. I heard from a friend that with shakeology was the right thing to do….

I am not sure….. I took Herbalife and lost 30 lbs… 3 years ago…. I stopped taking Herbalife and gained the lost weight right back in a year!!!!! Hi Leonila- I would love to chat with you about our programs and how we can help you to reach your goals! You can schedula a free private phone coaching session here: Hi Kristin- Thank you for your comment and interest in the 7 day Shakeology Challenge.

I recently switched the program to include 5 packets so I could lower the price as most people were looking to try the shakes for a week. The shipping is fixed as I use priority mail flat rate envelopes or boxes. It includes a meal plan and recipes that you can use for 7 days or longer. Please let me know if you would like to chat or have any questions. I look forward to connecting- Mary Jane. After going over a number of the blog posts on your website, I truly appreciate your technique of blogging.

I saved as a favorite it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking back soon. Take a look at my website as well and let me know what you think. Your site offered us with useful information to work on. If I am using this to just lose my stomach about 10 pounds to get back my abs would this above diet work?

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